Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Little Job Update

Andy Tetmeyer in one of his vids for Andy's Bike Shop with me in the background.
Okay, so I thought I'd give you all a little update on my new job. I've been getting several questions about it from some of you out there, so I figured it was high time to let you all know how I have been doing.

Andy is my new boss. He's young, obviously you can see that. I worked with Andy for a while at the old shop I was at, so we've known each other for several years now. His shop is located at 100 East Second Street in Cedar Falls Iowa. Suite 105, if you want to know. Anyway, pop on in if you are in town and say hello. I'm there most weekdays now that the biking season has kicked in and as long as we aren't asked to shut down due to "you know what".

I started in a limited way at Andy's Bike Shop in February, but now I am being brought in more regularly and I am helping out with repairs, sales, and yes- videos. In fact Andy and I just recorded one for a quick review of a couple of Giant gravel bikes which I will post a link to when that goes live.

Like I said last year, I never spoke much about the old shop on the blog because I was not really valued there and anything I said on my blog wasn't supported by the old boss. Frankly, it wasn't a very smart thing for him to distance himself from me on social media and here, but whatever. That was what it was. Andy certainly does not see me as a threat and rather, he sees opportunity to build something along with me. So, the videos and whatnot for his shop will be featuring my commentary at times.

Now, I am not going to turn this into a sales blog, or anything resembling that. This is G-Ted Productions, after all. But I won't shy away from talking about what I have going on with my life in terms of work anymore, and frankly, many of you wanted to know what was up anyway. So, I'll be talking about work related things sometimes here.

So, it's going well. The "current situation" may change if sanctions on public businesses are clamped down tighter. However; Andy has a mobile repair van, and we do not anticipate having to shut down 100%. We will be able to pick up and drop off repairs at anytime, so we are optimistic that the shop can survive this time we are in one way or another. Hopefully this passes sooner than later and we get on with normal business. But yeah..... No one knows when that might be just yet.

In the meantime I will be doing repairs, saving my pennies, and keeping close to home. All the gravel events I had planned on going to have been postponed through May so far, so whatever! Expect a lot more "Country Views" posts, I guess!

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S Sprague said...

I enjoy the videos Andy posts and it's great to see you in live action! If I lived close by, Andy's shop would be my shop. I wish you and him success! Keep the videos coming! That drop off idea is awesome! Thanks GT for keeping us up to date on your work life. Great to know you're able to work and enjoy the work!