Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New Commute

The Surly 1X1 with the fat tires. Sort of a "fat bike-lite" thing.
So, I am getting stuck in at my new job at Andy's Bike shop now since the weather has turned. The recent change in conditions has affected my commute route a bit. So, since I've started there I have utilized several ways to get to downtown Cedar Falls from the midst of Waterloo.

For a while there I had to detour all the way around into downtown Waterloo to avoid some deep snow. Obviously that has melted, but between now and then ice patches were a big issue. Even up until last Friday this was something that forced me to use the fat bike just to have a better grip level and stay upright.

But now it isn't ice, it is mud. I have about two spots in about ten miles that need a fat bike. They are pretty soupy, soft areas. But the rest of the dirt and grass parts, and there is a lot, I could handle it with a wide MTB tire. A tire like an Extraterrestrial is even better. Less knobs on there, but BIG volume. I run about 20 psi or so, and that works with the Velocity Cliffhanger rims, (tubeless- natch), really well on the muddy parts.

The commute is pretty good. Longer by a factor of 2 than the old one, but more bicycle riding is always good. I can get there in about 40 minutes comfortably. On a single speed. So, that's good and I didn't have to adjust too much to the extra commute time. I like it because it strays from the busy roads, mostly, but I do have a couple places where I have to really be careful. However; I have more dirt, back streets, and shortcuts than ever. I like that. Plus I now have options for longer "dirt home from work" rides or to even get in a bit of gravel travel.

Work is kicking into gear now and I'll be doing this commute more often than I have been soon. My "vacation" looks to be over. It's been fun, relaxing, and a recharge that I definitely needed, but it is time to get back to work now. There's this pesky thing called "money" that needs to be taken care of........

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