Monday, November 02, 2020

A Weekend Off Gravel

Friday Night Lights at Drake Stadium, Des Moines, Iowa.
 Friday night I had the honor of attending my son's high school football playoff game in Des Moines, Iowa. He is a senior and this ended up being his last game, as they lost in the round of sixteen. However; my son's team played last year's State Championship winners and their opponents were ranked #3 at the time my son's team played them. So, they let them know they were there, at least, and we are proud of our son's accomplishments as well as his team's. 

This meant that we had a two hour drive after the game and a wait after that to pick up my son from the high school after the game. Of course, that was very late into the evening and by the time we were all settled in for the night, it was well into the early morning hours of Saturday. That meant that anything early Saturday was out for me as far as riding, and I had a plan to ride later in the day. However; our new cat, Minka, decided I needed to get up at 6:00am to be fed,so...... The best laid plans and all. I was pretty much in a zombie-like state the rest of the day. So, that was that for riding Saturday. 

Too bad too. It got near 60°f that day, but it was really windy. Probably too windy, to be honest, and Sunday was forecast to be similarly windy but even colder. So.....nah! I'll check out until later this week when the temps are supposed to be into the 60's and Sunny. 

So, I did a little research on some stuff, messed with the electronic shifting stuff I am reviewing, and some light recreational activities to keep up my streak of fitness goals I have set for myself. So, I am not all down and out about not riding. Sometimes you have to mix things up, and the family time I got to have is priceless. 

More 'bike stuff' coming tomorrow. Stay tuned......

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