Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday News And Views

Standard Rando v2 in Turquoise. Image courtesy of Twin Six.
 Twin Six Debuts A Minty-Fresh Standard Rando Color:

Those marketing mavens at Twin Six know that color matters. A clean design with the right color can catch a person like a fly in honey. Such is their aim with the Standard Rando v2, a bike that outwardly appears much as it has since its inception years ago, but gets consistent refreshes in base color from time to time to make the design seem brand new again. 

This time they went with a minty looking color they are calling "Turquoise". I am not a fan, but you know, someone or many will be, and that's the point here. Those same fans of turquoise may have hated the "School Bus Yellow" which I found really cool. 

And let's not forget that Twin Six is not the only company doing this. All the QBP brands do the same thing to some degree. Surly? When was the last time they significantly changed a model? The Karate Monkey maybe? Otherwise they introduce a model then they just make color changes for years. Salsa Cycles? Pretty much the same thing with a few new models sprinkled in to take the place of outgoing ones. 

Anyway, it's a thing, and maybe this turquoise Standard Rando v2 is for you. Wondering what I think about this bike's ride characteristics? See my post on it here.

Jersey design #1
Riding Gravel Jersey Design Starts:

Several years ago I and my partner at, Ben Welnak, set out to get a Riding Gravel jersey and kit made. Well, a lot of time has passed and now we are back at the drawing board again, this time working with Bike Rags, an Iowa based company, to figure out what we want to do for a jersey design.  I've been pretty happy with how our C.O.G. 100 jerseys came out last year and Bike Rags did those as well. So I would expect a similar level of quality at the least.

There were a couple of things I insisted on with this new design. First, it had to be congruent with our current branding, which I have been pretty happy with. Secondly, I preferred that it use the same colors as we have had- sky blue, orange, and white- but it didn't have to be that. Thirdly, I was interested in having a design with an Argyle or similar looking design for the theme. 

  So with those design parameters set I sent off my thoughts to Tony at Bike Rags and let he and his design team get after it. After a few misfires we got on track and he sent me back these two designs which could become the next Riding Gravel jersey offer. Maybe...... I'm just floating this out there for now. 

Jersey design #2
So, why am I showing these? Well, I am trying to get some feedback from others as to which, if any, would you actually be willing to buy? The feedback we get may influence us to (a) actually offer something and (b) choose which design to get made. These should come in at a fairly attractive price point, but that is still to be determined. Think along the lines of "about what other decent jerseys cost, and you'll be on the mark, most likely. 

If this happens we are thinking that we will do pre-orders and that Andy's Bike Shop will also have some on hand to actually look at. Besides this idea we are also looking at doing more stickers, t-shirts, long sleeved t's, and maybe even hoodies. Some or all of this may happen and some or all of that may be available locally at Andy's Bike Shop as well. 

Now back to the jerseys. I know which one I prefer, but both are really good, I think. Let me know in the comments if you like one or the other and we'll go from there.

Jones Bikes LWB Space Frame

Two Things About Bikepacking:

I was perusing the innergoogles, ya know.....since I am trying to live the hermit life these days, and I have come across a sentiment which appeared in a 'for sale' post of some pretty fancy-pants bikepacking rigs. The thought being that since we are in a world-wide pandemic, all big world adventures are kind of, you know, not such a great idea. So I see some nice rigs up for sale now. 

I can see the validity in that way of thinking. I mean, who wants to take a chance on bringing a virus to a secluded corner of the world where it may wreak havoc on the local human population? Well, that is.....if you have a shred of humanitarian thought in your brain case. I would think that would be a prudent idea, not to go right now. But what I find curious is the thoughts of, well.......and I am guessing here, obviously, but why not wait instead of bailing out? 

Seems like a good idea to me. Obviously, this isn't going to last forever, and you can have another shot, I mean, it's not over until its over for you, yes? I dunno. Maybe the people need the money, 'cause they lost their jobs due to this pandemic. Like I say.....I am just guessing and observing. It just seems odd.....

Then, as always, whenever I see a bikepacking bike topic I start dreaming about a Jones Ti Space Frame again. It's a sickness. I'll likely have to get a better job or I'll have to take out a loan, because on my current salary this bike is waaaay outta my league, but yeah.... 

A couple thoughts on the bikepacking deal in regard to our times, such as they are. 

And that's a wrap for this week. Hopefully y'all are staying safe, getting exercise, and being nice to other humans. Have a great weekend! 


NY Roll said...

I like the blue Argyle.

MG said...

I'll second NY Roll on this one...

MG said...

BTW, on the bikepacking sentiment, I'm with you. I can wait it out. And besides, a bikepacking rig works great on more local adventures too… You can even pack a little extra on your sub-24 overnight when you've got a bike built for the long haul. AND, you can do your trip alone so nobody gets hurt.

They probably are just looking to reallocate the money on a new indoor trainer… You know, to be extra safe.

Safety first, you know.

Unknown said...

I like #1 more, but they're both good

Daniel said...

I like #1 better of the two jerseys but I would buy either.

Stevenator said...

I'm just a random guy that reads this blog and likes jersey#2

KATHLEEN said...

Interested in a jersey. Blue

Kenneth said...

I like #1 and #2 and each for different reasons. I would be happy to have either one.