Saturday, March 20, 2021

Little Did I Know

From the 2019 Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational
A comment on yesterday's post got me to thinking. It was made by Tom in reference to his having been in the 2019 C.O.G 100 event. He posted, "I’m very thankful I caught the tail end of your event days." 

First off- "Thank you, Tom!"

Secondly, I immediately thought afterward, "Was that my last cycling event I put on?" And the answer is, no- No it wasn't. The last one was a "Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational". That occurred in July of 2019. Little did I know then that this would be my last event production. I didn't go into that event with the thought that I was going to stop with the work and promotions of events at all. That wasn't even on my radar then. 

Of course, I had retired Trans Iowa as an event. That was completely different, in my view. My intentions past Trans Iowa were to do the 2020 C.O.G. 100, another GTDRI, and maybe even a "Geezer Ride" again. Yep! I had no idea that the 2019 GTDRI was the last event I'd put on, maybe ever. (Because hey! You never know, right?) <===That said, don't get any ideas! I'm pretty content with my resume' and my legacy in events as it is now. 

Plus, I ain't gettin' any younger! I want to do some riding without the baggage of event production, and all that entails, hanging over me. It's a burden, quite honestly, and if you have produced an event, you know what I mean. It's an intangible 'weight' that is hard to describe, but once you've been unyoked from it, the feeling of freedom is strong. I doubt I'll be willing to put that yoke back on my shoulders again, but like I said, you never know. Never say "never", never say "always". 

While I'm thinking about the GTDRI, I will remind you that after the "Trans Iowa Stories" series is over, I am motivated to write up another series on the GTDRI's fourteen year run. Then I'll probably tag on my other various event productions along with that at the end of that series. That should be a whopping amount of writing to do in the future. So, if you were wondering what the heck Guitar Ted was going to do once he finished the T.I. stories, well, now you have that road map. 

That is, assuming I am around to write that stuff. You never know......

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Rydn9ers said...

I'm glad I was able to make a couple of the GTDRI, including the final chapter in that fun event. Looking forward to that series of stories.