Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Plan (Which May Change!)

I have a plan, but you never know with me.....
 Last Tuesday I posted that I had reconned the outlet from town which used the municipal bike paths to get into the Southern reaches of Black Hawk County. Well, after thinking about that, after remembering what I found out about the roads last year, and adding into that thoughts for things to do this season, I came up with a 'plan' of sorts. Now, I may not actually end up doing this. It seems that the Summer could very well be in flux with things changing on the pandemic front. But this is something I want to do sooner than later, so it may all pan out. 

Last year I did a successful "Single Speed Century" and a failed solo Guitar Ted Death Ride. I think after seeing what the course is like for the failed GTDRI and knowing what I did for the Single Speed century, I am thinking that the failed attempt at the GTDRI could turn out to become the perfect 2021 Single Speed Century course and that I can have some redemption for that failure in 2020. The bike I would use this go-round would be the Twin Six Standard Rando v2. 

So for timing on this ride I am thinking about getting going and doing it before the end of April. Whenever the weather looks okay. It won't be too hot and that would be good. Plus I'd have a hundy in well before I generally get around to it. Last year it was at the end of May. So before the end of April sounds better to me. 

There is also the possibility that I may try the second version of the C.O.G. 100 course which was never used. THAT would be far harder. There are a LOT more steep hills on that course. But if I can do this GTDRI course on a single speed, that would be a good training ride for the tougher C.O.G.100 course which I could try later. Again.....plans.....they could change. 

Stay tuned.....

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