Thursday, January 05, 2023

Coming Soon

Singular Gryphon Mk3 frameset
Well, the word on the innergoogles is that the new Singular Cycles Gryphon Mk3 framesets are floating on a boat somewhere in the Ocean right about now. Very soon, it is hoped, I should get confirmation that my pre-ordered frame set is ready to go.

So, I need to get on the stick here and round up a spec list of what I have on hand to build this thing into a working bicycle. I already have a lot of the parts in hand which will find their way on this bike. 

There are a few things though that I may need to source to put this on the road. A few of the components "I think I have", which I may find out that I do not have, which would be a mistake on my part. That's why I need to get cracking on a spec list. 

I've gone back and forth on what to do in terms of how to set this bike up, but it may just end up being a build that is dictated by what I have versus 'what I want'. That probably will mean I do a 1X set up for the time being, but I might flip that and do a 3X nine speed drive train! I could do either one. Leaning to the latter of the two choices here though as that makes an all silver component set up closer to a reality. 

I'm not even sure a 3X is possible with this frame! I may end up with a 2X set up instead. We will have to test fit parts and try it out.

Teravail Coronado 29 X 2.8" tires

I do know I am using Teravail Coronado tires in the 29 X 2.8" size because that's what I bought last year for this project. Those will get set up tubeless on one of two wheel sets I have. It all kind of hinges on what I can do with my Velocity hubs since I would need to swap end caps to get 12mm through axles on both hubs. If I cannot do that, I will go with my "Project Wide Gravel Wheels v2" which would dictate the 1X option here. 

So, that's another issue I need to get sorted out here sooner than later. 

Then I need to get a headset, probably, since I may not have the one I need here, but if I do get one it will be from Wolf Tooth. I've had nothing but good things to say about those and they come in a lot of great anodized colors as well. 

Okay, that's a brief overview of what is going to happen here soon with this new bike. This will "retire" another bike I have and possibly another as well. So, that will be good from the standpoint of having more floor space in the Lab. 

The purpose of the Gryphon Mk3 will be a bike that I can take on roads that border on MTB territory and still be great for loose, chunky gravel here locally, be a MTB when I need that, and do light-duty snow riding. I'd likely choose this for some bikepacking/sub-24 over-nighters as well.  Depending on how it all pans out I could see this bike retiring the Gen I Fargo as well, but that's a tall order. Just sayin'. It's a possibility here. 

Okay, stay tuned! That's all on this project for the time being.


MG said...

I can’t wait to see that thing when it gets completed. I might have to build up my old Gryphon so I can be part of the club!!

Guitar Ted said...

@MG - Thanks Brother! Yeah, you should build up that old Gryphon. Those are such sweet bikes. I miss my old one from time to time.

Skidmark said...

Greets GT, I was studying up on the Shimano side-swing mtb front derailleurs for tire clearance and integrated cable stop. Have you worked with this style?

Guitar Ted said...

@Skidmark - Hello! Yes, I have worked with those derailleurs. I don't mind them at all and they also lend a bit more tire clearance on MTB's with shorter chain stays.