Monday, January 30, 2023

Mondey: Two Things

Latest Podcast And An Update:

Based upon the response to the post here "Entry Fees Up", N.Y. Roll and I dove in on that subject for the latest Guitar Ted Productions Podcast called "Anatomy Of A Gravel Event"

While my intentions were to focus on the event fee part, we quickly went down another road which opened up a lot of discussion and probably generated more questions than answers concerning gravel events overall. 

We looked at, well...every aspect of gravel events, and from a historical to a present day viewpoint. After we beat that subject to death we then moved on to another discussion based upon this recent blog post here concerning managed finishes. 

Finally, I added the link to PayPal on the Show Notes page which you can use to donate to the podcast efforts here. Just use "" as the address to donate to, if you feel so inclined.  Totally not necessary, and this will be the last mention of it here. 

UPDATE- 1/31/23: I changed up the name of the podcast a bit dropping the "Productions" part of the name. It is a bit simpler and hopefully easier for search engines to find. Now look for it as "The Guitar Ted Podcast".

Thanks for reading, listening, if you do that, and for your consideration. 

Roster sheet for the 1st DK200 (Image courtesy of C. Stoeltzing's facebook)

Dirty Kanza 200 Historical Document:

Every once in a while something shows up from the early days of gravel grinding. Three years ago I found the copied pages from the first Trans Iowa website/blog which were in a storage tub out in my garage. Last year a rare in-race Trans Iowa v1 image popped up.

This time it was a cleaning up scenario by someone else. A DK200 rider named Craig Stoeltzing found the original roster sheet for the Dirty Kanza 200 from 2006, its inaugural year. He posted this then on Facebook where it was shared with me by Steve Fuller. thanks to those two fellows for making this post possible.

 Click on the image to embiggin it and read away. The names on there represent the pioneers of the gravel scene. Not all participated as riders in that first one, but it doesn't matter. They all bought into the idea, so they all get credit here, in my opinion. 

Of course, I have the original roster sheet for the first Trans Iowa as well, so someday my hope is that both documents will live in a special place like the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame envisions. That won't be for a while yet, but someday, that needs to happen. 


Joe Partridge said...

Great find; thanks for posting this Mark! There are a few of us that will show up on both this document and the one from TI. :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Joe Partridge - Yes! I am posting my T.I.v1 roster sheet tomorrow, (Feb 1), in case you want to check it out.

Joe Partridge said...

Ha! I will check that out for sure.