Monday, January 09, 2023

Gravel Amplifier: Pactimo Gravel Cup

Hey y'all! It's another edition of Guitar Ted's Gravel Amplifier Series! Read on to check out today's offerings for your consideration. 

This time I have run across another Mid-West based gravel series! If you include the one in Ohio, that makes four series in the Mid-West that I am aware of! Five if you include the Rage Against the Chainring Series in Kansas.

This series is eight events and is mostly a Minnesota affair with two events based out of Iowa. Let's take a look at the list and then I'll make a few pithy comments to close out this posting.

Pinched from Facebook 

Comments: My first impression was that this reminds me vaguely of the Almanzo Gravel Race Series "Race For The Cup" which also was based out of Minnesota and had an Iowa element to it. Whether there is any connection there or not, I do not know. 

Next, I noted veteran events such as the Filthy 50 and Gritty Goose, both which have been around a long time. The Freedham 76 is probably the next longest running event there and is said to be a stellar experience. 

The KKD and Break The Cycle events are new on me, although they both may have been around for a bit. Driftless Gravel is a couple years old now, and it was run out of Volga, but......this says Decorah. Maybe there has been a change there? (Noted that the same Pactimo Midwest page posted the event as being in Elkader. Confusing!) Finally, the odd-ball event, in my opinion here, is the Hogback Gravel which hasn't been run once yet, but more than that, it's waaaay further away than the other events. 

I guess if you were running the series and had to skip one event, that Hogback Gravel, being so far removed from the other events, stands out to me as being vulnerable to being 'that event' if you had to pick one. Maybe. Maybe not..... 

The series is supported by Pactimo Midwest, a cycling apparel company based out of Colorado. The series also will feature, according to their social media, a " leaders jerseys and prizes for individuals and teams.

More details are forthcoming. 


Nooge said...

There’s a Michigan Gravel Race Series that has 17 races with multiple distance categories from mini to ultra. Scoring is based on your best 5 placings. This is the second year for this series and it includes almost every medium to large gravel race in the state.

One particular event I think readers of this blog would be interested in is The Crusher. It takes place in very remote areas of the upper peninsula with no assistance and no checkpoints. Riders are to take selfies at various points along the course to document completion. The promoters encourage the adventure aspect of it rather than the competitive aspect.

Guitar Ted said...

@Nooge - YES! I had forgotten about that Michigan series. That's maybe under new management, but I also recall there being MGRS events back in 2019 or so as well.