Thursday, February 23, 2023

Be A Pirate Of The Gravel Seas

New 15th Anniversary PCL Kit now available
 Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the Lincoln, Nebraska area gravel cyclists, and the community of those cyclists in general, via the Pirate Cycling League/Gravel Worlds folks. My first contact with the gals and guys from the Lincoln, Nebraska area, where the PCL sprang from, was during Trans Iowa v2. 

That was 2006, predating the PCL by about a year or more. So, I've seen this idea/group/organization grow from a distance over the years to become a force in the gravel cycling community. 

And to boot - The PCL has always been there to support me at my events. From the first Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational in 2006, to the aforementioned Trans Iowa event in 2006, and from there right on through to today, the guys and gals of the PCL have been huge supporters of what I have been doing in the gravel cycling space. 

So, I have always tried to support them, and I have done that in many ways. One of those ways was to buy their annually changed jerseys, and now full range of kit, nearly every year. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the beginnings of the PCL. In celebration, the PCL/Gravel Worlds team have designed the jersey you see here as a way to commemorate the League of Pirates that sail the Gravel Seas under their colors. You can support the PCL and get your own jersey, or whatever clothing, HERE

Several years ago, the PCL brought back the "OG" jersey for one run and I grabbed this one.

The new jersey is based off of the original PCL jersey offered mostly only to their original group back in the late 2000's/early twenty-teens. I know I saw this design first at Trans Iowa v7 on PCL co-founder Troy Krause as he finished that year and was wearing it for the event. That would have been 2011, so this jersey was around before that, perhaps. 

Well, when the PCL offered a reissue of the design several years after the initial offering, I jumped on it. So, I have a rendering of the OG design. The new 15th Anniversary design is based on this jersey, and it did not make sense to me to have two, nearly identical PCL jerseys when I have enough PCL jerseys that I could wear a different one for eight days in a row and not duplicate my look. 

So, since the PCL now offers their designs in an array of clothing, not just a jersey, I decided to go with a wind jacket. The Voler designed jacket emblazoned with the 15th Anniversary design will go great with my current PCL 'OG design' green jersey, or any of the ones I have, for that matter. Plus, Voler made the right decision and put three pockets on the back of that wind jacket. I love that! 

I should get mine in April some time. Stay tuned for the reveal. Meanwhile, consider supporting the PCL and grab yourself a 15th Anniversary PCL piece of kit. 

NOTE: I have no benefit from, or affiliation with, the PCL and I did not receive any compensation for this post, nor did I get any discount on my jacket. I paid straight retail, so there!


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