Thursday, February 02, 2023

Winter Views: Taking Advantage

Following the "trail" left by some yahoos.
 We recently have gone through one of those classic post-snowstorm cold snaps that the Mid-West is famous for. After receiving about 8 inches of "sugar-snow" (not good for fat biking due to lower moisture content), we then went down a slide of the mercury sort to reach a low of -20 on Tuesday morning. 

That was at 6:00am in the morning. By about 1:00 pm we had climbed to be at 12 degrees above zero. 1 chose not to do much of any riding until we got to Tuesday afternoon as a result.

I decided to plunk around a local cemetery I live near and it turned out to be that it was a good decision. The caretakers decided not to plow every single pathway in the place, so that left opportunities to test my fat bike handling and pedaling skills in deeper snow. Plus, apparently it afforded a yahoo or two to test their vehicle around near the perimeter of the property. 

I discovered the tracks leading off a plowed section and heading off in the direction of the back end of the property. i decided to follow them to see where they came out on the other side, because I did not note any tracks where, traditionally, you would exit on the others side. Or was that where they entered? I don't know.... Off I went!

It turned out that I was not mistaken and that this vehicle had turned around with about 100 yards to go and went back the way they had come. So, I decided to power on through. Knowing speed was my friend, I hammered my way across and I actually cleared the virgin gap of snow without dabbing. That was good. 

It's been a good little stretch for fat biking, with the exception of the cold snap. However; it looks like we may have warmer than freezing temperatures for an extended period of days, and that might change things for the worse, especially with a higher Sun angle now. 

Spring..... Coming Soon!

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