Sunday, April 07, 2024

Two Things

Image courtesy of Wolf Tooth
Wolf Tooth Tubeless Valve Kits:

Does Wolf Tooth have something new to announce every week? It seems that way this year. This time it is tubeless valve kits in various anodized colors. 

The kits, which cost $31.95, come with two valve stems, two different styles of gaskets, valve caps in a matching color - one that is a core removal tool, extra gaskets, and two spare valve cores. The stems come in either 40mm or 60mm lengths to cover most wheels.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to dress out your rig in a pop of color on the wheels. There are nine different hues to choose from including "Oil Slick" which I rarely see in anything outside of drive train parts. 

Comments: These look a lot like Muc-Off's valve kits, which I have used before. Their kits have recently been upgraded and they have more color choices and are also foam insert compatible. they cost about $3.00 more though. 

I like Wolf Tooth's use of an oversized nut to secure the stem to the rim. Those are nicer to get a good seal and also nicer to get removed out in the field should you have to do that. That said, I haven't had a tubeless valve fail in quite a while, so that may not be such a big deal anymore.

State Bicycle Co. & Grassroots Gravel Partner For Ride Together Grant:

While I was attending Mid-South at the Expo day, I ran across a booth with a big banner that read "Grassroots Gravel". I figured I'd better investigate that! Anyone grabbing that name had better be "legit", in my opinion, or that might be seen as a pretty cheeky name for an organization or event bent on just being another "taker" in the gravel scene. 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the organizers of this event out in Pueblo, Colorado are, in fact, very much about grassroots gravel, as I understand the term. I hope to have one of the two RD's on the podcast at some point soon, but recently I have been made aware of an effort on their part in partnership with State Bicycle Co. to foster a program to bring in folks who otherwise could not afford to go to such an event. They are calling it the "Ride Together Grant", and it will be funded, in part, right out of Grassroots Gravel's budget. 

Here is a bit, provided by State Bicycle Co., describing how this will work:

"The Ride Together Grant will provide an opportunity for registration, travel & lodging expenses, and equipment support for riders facing financial barriers to participating. Ten free event entries will be awarded, five expense stipends to support lodging & travel, and State Bicycle Co will be providing a new gravel bike to five awardees. Additional in-kind support will be provided by event partners Flow Formulas, Twisted Spoke CBD, Squirt Cycling Products, and Pearl Izumi. The bikes will be assembled and tuned by The Great Divide bike shop of Pueblo, CO prior to being transferred to the awardees. "

I have been critical in the past concerning some of the "big-time events" alluding to being "inclusive" and then charging triple-digit entry fees, which besides travel and lodging expenses, pretty much puts the attending of that sort of an event beyond the reach of minorities and marginalized folks. I've said that these events should have a fully sponsored package to bring those sort of people to their event, put them up, and give them free entry. Well, there ya go, Grassroots Gravel, you done did it! 

This is very impressive from an event that, for all intents and purposes, is just getting off the ground, seeing as how they have only run one event. This should be an example to those bigger, higher budget events that push the inclusivity narrative but are not walking the walk like Grassroots Gravel is. 

Check out the event at THIS LINK if you want to learn more.

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NY Roll said...

Muc-Off vs Wolftooth tubeless valves sounds like a oil lube off for the blog. I would also toss Santa Cruz valves in as well. I like the Muc-Off core removing valve cap. But the Wolftooth locking nut seems to be an appeal as well.