Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Guitar Ted Lube-Off: Update On Flowerpower Lube

 NOTICE: The Guitar Ted 'Lube-Off' is a comparison of different lubrication products for bicycle chains that is undertaken in 'real world' conditions in a set way. Then I compare and contrast the results with past 'Lube-Off' products to see "which one is best for me". This is done for entertainment purposes and the reader should apply their own reasoning and discernment while reading my 'Lube-Off' entries. What works for me may not work for you at all. None of the companies represented in this Lube-Off have any knowledge of this review, nor are they sponsoring me at all. 

UPDATE: I was hoping that the weather would provide a bit of wet conditions riding in my last update (HERE) but that did not materialize due to our severe drought conditions which allows the moisture to disappear into the soil around here so fast that all I got was one ride in semi-moist conditions. Not at all what I would need to judge the Flowerpower lube in wet conditions. 

Oh well! At least it has remained dry and that plays right into the purposes of the test anyway, so there we go! Let's take a look at how the Flowerpower wax lube has been doing since Mid-South....

Some dust, but not bad.

You might recall that after Mid-South this chain looked red with that dirt from Oklahoma. Well, that theme continues on only with a grayish dust from Iowa limestone now! This seems to be a theme with Flowerpower wax lube, but the layer of dust is fine and pretty thin. It could be partially blamed on the finish of this 8 speed SRAM chain as well which is not very smooth and allows places for dust to grab hold. Now on to the "Touch Test" where I check for gunk and smoothness.

Not much to show here!

There was little to no residue coming off the rollers and side plates of the chain. Wow! This might be the best result I have had for a Touch Test. The chain is quiet and feels slick to the touch as well. 

Okay, so let's contrast this with the bike that has had the SILCA Super-Secret lube on it since last year. I've ridden this bike just a little bit this year, no where as far as the Honeman Flyer, but the lube on this chain has been there since last year when I was riding this bike on the regular. 

Not much dust here.

 The SILCA Super-Secret lube is the current "champ" in the Lube-Off and shows a little dust accumulation, but really only on the inner link plates. The outer link plates stay shiny for the most part. But is this because the Connex Chain has a better finish than the PC-830? I think that has something to do with it. On to the Touch Test....

Again, pretty darn good!

I did get a bit more residue off the SILCA lubed chain, but barely. So, I would say this comparison is a wash so far. The Super-Secret Lube lasts a fair amount of time. How will the Flowerpower Wax lube hold up? That's the last big test to consider here. 

Obviously, this will take some time, and I'll have to consider running the Flowerpower on a derailleur drive train just to make it fair. Stay tuned for another update to come in a month or so.

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