Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's In The Stable?

I sometimes get asked what I ride. So, I thought it might be fun to show off the current lot of rogue bicycles here at the Guitar Ted Labratories and tell you a bit about each one.

Of course, here we have the original 29"er here at the Lab, the Karate Monkey. It's been through a lot of versions, but all of them single speed. Currently it's in parts in the Lab awaiting it's transformation into a new version. Still single speed though!

I hate to say one of these bikes is a favorite, they all have great attributes for me. However; this would be one that I'd point to most often as my bike of choice for almost anything. The Dos Niner is a fantastic rig. I use it for a lot of testing of components for Twenty Nine Inches. Here it is on Franklin Mountain in El Paso, Texas.

Oh yeah! This bike is one of those that I can't bring myself to change or sell. (no matter how hard those guys from Twin Six try to convince me!) I can't say exactly what it is about this 18" On One Inbred, but it's got a certain feel I just get on with. To me it feels like the fastest bike I own. I have no idea if it is. Probably all in my head!

Here's a rig that also gets changed a lot, gets used as a test sled, and to be honest, I hated it off and on for months. I have it set up almost as it is here, but I have a different wheel set and a Salsa 17 degree bend flat bar with Team Ergon grips on it now.

You know something? I really like it now! I finally hit on the right combination of parts that has me sitting on this rig in a comfy yet powerful posistion. And the Willits WOW fork? Yeah, it's pretty dang sweet, that's what it is! Here's the Raleigh XXIX+G resting against the fence back in May.

The newest bike here, the custom Pofahl single speed drop bar rig. Yep! And it's a design idea of mine too. A pretty personal bike to me. I'm obviously going to be a bit biased about my opinion on this one. That said, I honestly love to ride it. It surprises with a rock solid lateral stiffness and steering precision second to none. I think I'll reserve any further comment for now other than to say it fits really well. It's what the Karate Monkey should be for me but can't quite do fit wise. And I've got room to tweak the set up, where the Monkey was at an extreme with the drop bar for set up. More on this bike later!

So, that's the current line up. I've got a Badger in the Lab that will eventually be added to this group, but there just isn't the funds now to finish that build. (I know! I know! Believe me, I've heard all the reasonings and solutions) It's just not going to happen now, and probably won't until next year. It's all good!

Hope you enjoyed the tour folks! Now, get out and ride yer own bikes!

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