Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Few Interesting Weblinks

Today I have a few interesting weblinks for ya'all

to peruse. First up, I got some sneak peeks at Raleigh's 2009 29"er line up and you can check out the whole deal on my post at Twenty Nine Inches. What I didn't get, but found out about was that there will also be a high end spec Raleigh 29"er dubbed the "XXIX Deluxe". It will feature Reynolds 853 tubing and a spec sheet that will include things like Mavic Cr29max wheels, X-0 componentry, and other like bits in a limited edition run.

I'll post more info if and when I get it. For now, I'm really liking that greenish-gray on the XXIX single speed!

Next up I have an interesting bit forwarded to me by those super cool cats from Twin Six. It's a bit from trek's website, a commercial, if you will. Here's the fun part: See if you can find the Twin Six t-shirt in the commercial. Check it out here:

No prizes for you guys who find it, but it is kind of fun to check it out. And how about that scruffy looking narrator, eh?

And finally, for the Le Tour freaks out there: I got this link forwarded to me that allows you to check out the Tour routes from street level, as if you were really riding the route. Kind of scary to think that you can do things like this, I mean, it's like you can almost "drive" up to a window and look in!

Anyway, yeah........from a Tour perspective, this is pretty cool stuff. Check it out here:

That's a tutorial link that gives you a run through to see how the map works. Have fun touring France............on your virtual bicycle!

Then you'd better get out and ride for real!

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