Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gettin' Cranky and Other News

Wow! Another Truvativ manufactured ISIS spindled crank came loose on me yesterday. That's two in ten days! This time t was the drive side on my El Mariachi. Started off as a creak, a little one, and it got worse as I was going along. I stopped because it sounded like a chain ring bolt had come loose, but no. It was the drive arm. Crazy!

At least I only had to walk a mile to the house this time!

Suffice it to say that I am not very impressed with anything that has replaced the square tapered bottom bracket and crank arm interface. ISIS stuff? Wears out prematurely due to undersized bearings in the bottom bracket and now these crank arms coming off. Outboard bearings? Too much bearing drag, bearing contamination, and in the case of Truvativ.....the arms still come off! I've had two myself and heard (and seen- at the shop) of others doing the same.

That said, a company called the hive has some cool ideas, one of which is an interface for a crank arm/bottom bracket that was developed for use in tanks in World War II. It also has been used in bicycles previously by a company called Grove Innovations in their soon to be re-released "HotRod" crank set. Looks promising and the data I have seen so far supports the idea that this could be superior to anything yet seen on the market for connecting a crank to a bottom bracket. The idea is based on a three lobed polygon. I'll post more as I get the story.

In other news, Gary Fisher Bikes is set to introduce a new entry level 29"er for 2009. The model is to be priced under that of the current entry level 29"er from Fisher, the Cobia. Fisher Bies says that dealers have been requesting this for some time. I agree. More 29"ers in the sub-$1000.00 category would be a good thing to help grow the 29"er segment.

Finally, I spoke with Niner Bikes Steve Domahidy the other day, and I can not say exactly what they are up to, but I can say it is super cool! Steve downloaded the whole enchilada to me and I can say that this project will blow folks away. Interbike is the time set for this to be unleashed on the world. Stay tuned! For a hint, see the post at Twenty Nine Inches that I posted yesterday.

No! Not Finally! Check this out! Tipped off by Dicky's blog, (he's soo up on all things cool) I found this gem. Be feared by fellow cyclists everywhere! Twin Six rules again!

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