Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Fork-Off!

<=== From this to.......

<====This! What's next? Stay tuned.......

I've started the big "fork-off" on the OS Bikes Blackbuck. I'll be swapping out to another different carbon fork soon to gauge how a bike handles differently with each in an experiment for Twenty Nine Inches.

Each fork requires me to set up the bike again. Changes to bottom bracket height, top tube effective length, and whatnot make for some interesting stem and saddle positioning quandaries. I'm trying to keep my seated position relative to the bottom bracket the same on each swap, so this is why the challenges have become more than just popping another fork on. Besides that, I'm also keeping my saddle to handlebar relationship constant.

Nothing you do on one part of your bike is independent of other parts. Especially in the geometrical sense. Makes my head spin, it does.

I must be crazy for taking this on, but what the heck?! This is Guitar Ted Productions after all. What else would you expect?

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