Sunday, July 20, 2008

GTDRI 2008: The Photo Blog

<=== The pre-ride, night before festivities were attended by Matt Wills, Matt Gersib, Jason Boucher, Jeff Bonsall, David Pals, and myself. I think it's safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves............maybe a bit too much!

<==== The skies cleared and we were treated to a beautiful sunset and comfortable temperatures.

<=== Fire courtesy of Jason Boucher and Matt Gersib. they worked really hard to get this wet wood to light up. Thanks guys!

<=== A few empties here. Some of us had vision about as blurry as this pic before we all turned in a little after midnight.

<=== Nature's own night light was on full power.

Six campers joined together for some great conversations and good times on Friday night down Hickory Hills way. It all started out a little bit on the down side though for me.

I was a bit harried after work, trying to get my stuff loaded into the "Dirty Blue Box" and I was running a bit late as well. This isn't a good combination for me, as I tend to get a bit tense about things, but I managed to keep it together. I finally rolled out about 6:15pm to make a last minute stop at the gas station for some petrol.

I decided while I was at it to grab a couple slices of pizza, since I wasn't planning on eating at the campsite. Well, the ol' car decided to be a bit ornery and not start. So, here I am, sweating the fact that I may have folks wondering where I was, and that my car may not even make it there. Good thing I had some pizza to munch on in the meantime. "Hey! How's it goin'? car won't start, you'll have to pull around me. Sorry!" Not a very flattering position to find one's self in!

Well, it finally fired up, and I got to the campground thinking I was late to find........nobody there!
I guess all that worry was for naught! I got signed in,paid my fee, and was setting up camp when David Pals rolled in. We broke out some beers and started talking just when Matt and Jeff pulled in from Lincoln. They said MG was wandering around looking for us in his Scooby Doo wagon, but couldn't find us. Well, it wasn't long before a cell phone conversation fixed that. (Did I mention my cell phone died the instant I got down there? No?)

Not long after I saw Jason roll up on, ..........('scuse me. I'm not allowed to say what he rolled up on other than it was a bicycle)...... and he set up his tent and joined in on the conversation. We talked.......and talked........and talked till the wee hours when someone motioned that we adjourn the meeting and retire to the respective sleeping chambers.

Well, I know MG and I maybe slept a few hours, but it wasn't much. The others I can't vouch for, but we all rolled out of the sack about 6:30am to prep for the days riding. And what a ride it was.

Stay tuned for more pics and stories soon.

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