Sunday, July 13, 2008

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational 2008: Update II

Hey! Here's the latest on the ride, also showing on the GTDRI site.

Camping: It appears that a fair number of us are going to be at Hickory Hills camping Friday night. Just an FYI more than anything else. However; since this is the case, and one of us at least is actually riding to Hickory Hills, I thought I'd start and finish he ride there perhaps. There isn't a good breakfast spot in La Porte City anyway, so this is just as well. Unless I hear otherwise in the next few days, I'm modifying the route slightly to reflect that the start and finish will be at the camping area.

This means that you should come prepared to go from the start, as the first convenience store won't come online for over 50 miles!

Car parking: There is available parking for cars down below the camping area near the lake.

Start Time: To be determined. I have to ascertain what the Park hours are, (which I couldn't find on the website) Once I determine when it's okay for folks to arrive, I can determine when we'll start, and where. Stay tuned!

In regards to the start, I always figure on using the most light possible to avoid having to use lights. We are good till well after 8pm with sunlight, so not starting until 8am is entirely possible. Again, I'll have a time for the start in the next day or so.

Hope your weekend is going well.

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