Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday News And Views

<=== It's all about skulls and cross bones, ya know?

Hickory Hills ride: I went down and did some Twenty Nine Inches test ride work yesterday at Hickory Hills. Doubled that up with some recon of the camping area and general exploration of Hickory Hills. You know, it's quite a resource. I think it's way better than Geo. Wyth State Park by a long shot. It's just not parked next door to 90,000 people. Too bad, cause this place is pretty cool. I guess that just means I get it all to myself every time I go down there.

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational 2008: The ride is cued and we're ready to drop the needle on this Long Play piece for 2008. I posted some bits on the start time and camping on the site that you need to check out if you are coming. Pop up thunderstorm possibilities may make this another epic ride, much like last years.

I decided that I'm riding the Badger, crank arms be damned! (I'll have an 8mm Allen key and a small something-or-other for leverage just in case!) I'll ride this to work today and tomorrow. If it holds, then I'm going with it. The bike was purchased with this sort of thing in mind, so it seems a waste if I don't use it this weekend.
If it fails on me again before Friday night, I'll pull out the Dos Niner. Gotta keep things orange and geared this year. I just don't seem to have my single speed gravel grindin' legs yet.
And Now For Some Manufacturer News: According to an article posted on the Bicycling Retail and Industry News site, Marin Bikes is adding two new 29"er models to its line for 2009. The Nail Trail, which will retail for $1965.00 and the Palisades, which will retail for $1395.00. This will bring the total of 29"ers in their line up to four models. If you include the urban models in the line that can handle 29"er rubber, they actually have six 29"ers in the line.
I'll be looking forward to checking out these at Interbike in the fall. Speaking of which, you can expect an Interbike chock full of 29"er goodness. The things I already know about are huge and in and of themselves would make this years show a standout. I'm sure there are things I don't already know that will surprise me and really blow the show up big. I can't wait!

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