Wednesday, July 01, 2009

T.I.V.6 News: To Move The Date- Or Not?

<===Iowa weather can go from suck to blow at anytime of year. I know- I've been there, done that! (2007 GTDRI)
So from time to time I get suggestions about Trans Iowa. You know, they usually are about making the event easier. (As you can guess, I don't go for that!) Anyway, one of the perennial suggestions has to do with moving the date. Things like, "It would make training for it easier" or this one, "You could avoid all that bad weather in the spring." Uh-huh......yep! I've heard that all before. But think about it, could training for a 300 plus mile event ever be easy? No matter when it is held, that's going to take some dedication. Then you have the weather thing. Yeah.......right! Look, I'd rather ride in the wind, cold, and springtime mists than be caught out in a severe thunderstorm anyday! Or how about some mega-humidity? Yeah, like we just had for the past two weeks up here. That would be really nice!
So none of that works for me. Besides, Trans Iowa is a springtime event. At least it has been cemented so in my mind, I suppose others as well.
However; there has been a request made that I am considering. A request made that would essentially have Trans Iowa switching dates with the Dirty Kanza 200. This is the deal- If you care about Trans Iowa, or have been in it before, please consider leaving a yes or no comment by clicking the comments link at the top of this post. I want to know what riders are thinking about this.
Trust me, I will look at, respond if necessary, and carefully consider all comments. That said, I have a "position" on this and d.p. is also in that camp with me. However; so as not to tilt your thoughts one way or the other, I will defer commentary until I post an update on this Friday.
I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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