Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bike Shop Horrors: Two Cases Of Wrong

Never mind that perfectly good 6mm Allen bolt under there.......

It used to be that I would rarely post a "Bike Shop Horrors" pic. Wow......I think I've done two this month now, but anyway, here we go again!

This one was a gem. Handle bar was spinning, so the individual took the bull by the horns and did something about it!

<===The best part? The bolt and nut were not even tight!!

You know, I can understand why some one would painstakingly drill through a steel stem and handlebar with care, just to avoid using that "metric" stuff. You of these days, if we let 'em, the whole world will just take over the manufacturing of stuff and we'll have to use metric stuff.

Wha.......??? Wait a minute..................ah fuggedda boud it! Too late.

<===This has "wrong" written all over it.

You know how sometimes something gets started the wrong way, and no matter what good intentions and efforts are directed at it, it just snowballs into a swirling cesspool of steaming poop?


Okay, so here's the deal: Guy retires and company wants to get him a "Good Service Award". Company probably jobs out its awards to a vendor, and said retiree gets this unassembled, in a box!! Man takes prized retirement award and attempts to assemble the bike on his own. Realizing that his efforts are not leading to a "bike shaped object", like the ones he sees the kids riding around his block on, he decides to call in the cavalry.

Yep, that'd be me.

I assemble this thing correctly, but the wheels are out of round, the shifters are so sloppy they won't access the gears available no matter how you adjust them, and the frame isn't even welded correctly, or at all in some places!!

Thank you sir for working so hard at our Company. Here's your retirement gift as a memento and an offering of thanks from us.

Sheesh! I'd rather be kicked in the jimmy and shown the door! Unbelievable!

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