Friday, July 03, 2009

T.I.V.6 News: To Move The Date- Or Not? The Verdict

Well, you had your chance to speak, and now the verdict is in. But before I go any further, let me make a few comments..........

First, the reasonings why the organizers of the DK 200 wanted to move their date had to do with the fact that Memorial Day falls at the very end of May next year. They don't really want to move up into the month of May for two reasons- Graduations and getting too close to Trans Iowa. Then if they go into June, they are afraid that it will get waaaay too hot. So that is what I understand is the reasonings on their part. Of course, if I switched their problems would become my problems. Heh heh!

Secondly, I distinctly got the feeling that you guys are concerned that d.p. and I stay happy with what we do so you can come and do what you do at Trans Iowa. Ya know.....I am to blame for that! I fostered that "if this starts to suck I am done with it" attitude. I understand, and that is cool that some of you expressed that sentiment. I get that.

Then there were the votes not to change it, and some of you basically said it doesn't matter when it is, you are coming. That's cool too.

So, in the final analysis, I don't see any overwhelming reason to stop what we're doing and move Trans Iowa's date. If anything, I will slide it back to the end of April, but that has yet to be determined. If my other gig takes me back to Sea Otter, I may not, but to be honest, I'm about Sea Ottered out. We'll see.

So, reast assured as you pedal about this 4th of July weekend that Trans Iowa will not be moving it's date. Be thankful you live somewhere that there are such cycling events, and celebrate your freedom on yer bicycle! Have a safe and happy 4th of July folks!

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