Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fargo Adventure

As you are settling down to read this with your morning cuppa java and whatever tidbits for breakfast, know that I am out there...........somewhere..........riding a Fargo along a quiet river with a bunch of other crazy "Fargo-nauts". (Yes...the leader's name is Jason, as a matter of fact!)

I will be on the bike all day today, then after about 70-75 miles of planned multi-terrain madness, I will board an unknown mode of transport and be taken away to a remote location to ride amongst pine trees and critters on Saturday. After getting the fulfillment of single track goodness that will be my allotment, I will be whisked back towards Iowa where I will attend the event to honor my son's 6th birthday. (Which just so happens to be today!!)

Yeah......six years ago. I was a mechanic on the Europa Cycle and Ski RAGBRAI support crew. I was in Oskaloosa and that particular evening I was invited into the mobile home to sleep. This was posh stuff! I had been sleeping in the back of a moving van, and one night I slept on the cobblestones of Bedford, Iowa.

So it was that at about 5:30am my cell phone rings and I hear my lovely wife say, "Honey, it's time!"

Yeah.......I had to hitch a ride back to Waterloo, Iowa and that ride didn't come right away. I sat in front of a grocery store with a duffle bag full of my belongings for three hours and then my sister came and got me. I made it back in time. Whew!

So, Happy Birthday my little RAGBRAI boy! I'll see ya soon! (Thanks for gettin' me outta work that last three days of that week too. Ha ha!)

Look for a Fargo Adventure Report Monday!! Have a great weekend and ride some bicycles!

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