Friday, January 14, 2011

Frigid Friday

Its another cold, cold morning in Iowa and the only thing I am excited about right now is The Snow Dog build. Sorry, but that's reality for me right now, and with the special news I got yesterday, I think you might agree.

As mentioned earlier this week, all I really lack for The Snow Dog is the frame and fork. Let's be honest, I really did not expect to see a Mukluk frame or fork for me for a long time. I was all prepared to sit things out until spring, when I figured that Mukluk demand would taper off, and Salsa Cycles would get caught up. I was very comfortable with this possibility from the moment I ordered the bike from Milltown Cycles. Really. Of course I would have liked to have believed all of the earlier prognostications for delivery, but in the back of my mind I knew it would be a process that might be a long time in fulfillment.

So, imagine my excitement when Jason Boucher himself calls from Salsa HQ to tell me that he and Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles had spoken and that a frame had been found. Caveat: no painted to match fork yet. So, it looks like if it all comes through, I'll have a bike similar to Joe Meiser's pre-production proto, (image left), in looks.

So, now I'm in a mad scramble for small bits and pieces and crossing my fingers that by this time next week I'll have a rideable Mukluk and that the first ride on The Snow Dog will have occurred.

And if it doesn't go down as tentatively planned, then I'll be okay with that too.  Hopefully whatever plans ya'all have for the weekend are successful and fun. Have a great weekend folks.


Captain Bob said...


MG said...

That's awesome news! I love it when our good buddy Jason comes through in a pinch!

Congratulations. Lookin' forward to seeing it all built up.

Have a great weekend,

Joe said...

You're going to love it!