Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trans Iowa V7 Update #13: Volunteers Update & More

Another Saturday, another Trans Iowa Update! Here is Update #13 with more on the Volunteer Situation:

We got a great response to the call for volunteers such that if everyone that showed interest actually commits, we'll have Checkpoints #1 and #2 covered. This means that we still could use a few bodies for the finish line and at the start line.

There is a rumor floating about that after Checkpoint #1 closes, there will be a gravel grinder happening that will go for about 50 miles or so, depending on the weather. Stay tuned for any updates on that front as Trans Iowa V7 draws closer.

Loose Ends: As of now, we only have cue sheets to produce, number plates to do, and a finish line to get sorted out. Our original hope was that we could use the barn we had wanted to be the finish line at T.I.V6,but seeing as how it is Easter weekend, the family that owns the property will be having a family get together on Sunday and we do not want to impinge upon that. Final word is still pending, but there is a big chance we will be changing our original plan to..........something else. 

Pre-Race Meat-Up: We will be getting organized the night before T.I.V7 at The Grinnell Steakhouse once again for the required pre race meeting. Remember: You must attend this event to get your cues to start T.I.V7. No exceptions! Last year we had our meals subsidized by the Grinnell Chamber Of Commerce's Tourism Board. This year, we unfortunately could not appropriate those funds again. So, this one will be on you guys and gals to pay for. I'll have details on exact costs and menu choices in the near future.

Final Checkover: While we have reconned the entire course for T.I.V7, we will be doing some spot checking of certain sectors before the event. These will be reported on here in the Updates as they occur, so look for those once the weather starts to break here in Iowa.

Until next time......happy training!

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