Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trans Iowa V7 Update #12: Volunteers

<===Two T.I.V6 Volunteers waiting to assist riders at Checkpoint #1:

Calling For Volunteers: Trans Iowa doesn't run without people helping out. I found out the hard way in T.I.V1 and T.I.V2 that we would need a real corp of folks to help put this beast on. Ever since T.I.V3, Trans Iowa has not had any shortage of volunteers.

This year we have a handful of folks already committed to helping out with T.I.V7. (d.p. and I thank you!) However; we need more folks. Here's a brief outline of where we need some help.

The Start: T.I.V7 will get underway at 4am Saturday April 23rd. That's pretty early! We are going to need a couple of clear minds to help with a highway crossing right after the start. Basically, you will stop riders in case of traffic. Otherwise, we won't really need any help at the start, but the more fans the merrier!

Checkpoint #1: Since we have a short distance coming into Checkpoint #1, this is where we need the most volunteer help. I figure riders will start arriving around 6:30am and that checkpoint will be open until around 9:30am. So, if we could get some bodies at Checkpoint #1 by 5:30am to set up and catch the riders coming in, give them cue sheets, and check them off on lists, we would appreciate this. As I say, we have about a hand full committed to this checkpoint already, but we need several more folks. You'll be done and out of there by 10am, so it isn't a long gig.

Checkpoint #2: This is a bit of a different, and difficult, assignment. d.p. and I are looking for up to three individuals to man our remote, rural checkpoint. Individuals thinking of volunteering here should be prepared to spend several hours outdoors with minimal shelter. (Your car, most likely, will be it) Folks that can get by on a little, (think no bathrooms, etc), and that don't mind long hours should be the only ones taking this one on.

The time slot on this one would be about 1:00pm Saturday to about 9pm in the evening. That's a long haul, so keep this in mind.

The Finishline: We're going to need at least two folks that can get up early and be at the finish line by about 4am Sunday morning to catch any possible finishers. (Likelihood of a sub-24hr finish is highly unlikely, but some crazies are gunning for this) Most likely, we won't see a finisher till about 5am, but we have to plan on the best possible finish right now. (If the weather is at all inclement during the event, that sub-24hr, or even a 25hr finish won't be happening.) d.p.and I are a fail-safe here, but essentially we will need a couple pair of eyes to do the tallying up of names and finishing times. The finish line will be in operation until 2pm at the latest. We are thinking two people minimum, but more are always welcomed at the finish.

Okay, that is our volunteer call. Remember: Anyone volunteering for T.I.V7 gets a free pass in for T.I.V8 in 2012. Interested? Hit me at this e-mail and let me know.

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