Monday, January 03, 2011

Walking Into 2011

While most of my friends and cycling aficionados that I know, (and even those I do not know), were out busily doing training rides, or "notable feats of cycling" while I was simply taking it easy.

I mean, it's a holiday weekend, fer cryin' out loud. You can take it easy. Really. Once in awhile.

And why not do it with close family and friends while it is cold out? I don't know, but somehow it got to be "cool" to do the New Year's Day ride thing, and well, that's all well and fine.

And it doesn't mean you have to become a sedentary pig while you do it either. Although, for other reasons, my physical activity level was on low this weekend. I did get out for a hike with my son. It was good.

Winter time always amazes me with the low angle of the sun, and the way it plays off things in the sky and on the ground. It is great to be out at sunrise, or near sunset, (as I was), to check out the amazing beauty of it all.

So anyway, here's a thought for all you cyclists out there for next New Years time. Do your ride at night, on New Year's Eve, and celebrate New Year's coming out in the woods somewhere. I've done that a couple of times. Pretty cool.

I walked into 2011. Probably will get my first ride in as a commute to work, just like my last ride was in 2010. The holiday times are over. Time to start riding in earnest again!

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Anonymous said...

Family Hikes are the best. We celebrated the same way.
Enjoy the new year!