Thursday, May 05, 2011

Green Has A Grip

As per yesterday's post, I did get the Big Mama out and ridden yesterday. The Pure V saddle is on it, but other refinements have yet to occur. I couldn't wait though! It was too nice to wait out there, and I knew that Cedar Bend was open again, so I went north and checked it out.

The trails are so dry in most parts of the park that it reminds me of very late summer/early fall when things are rock hard, buff, and there are a few sandy spots. Those conditions prevailed yesterday, along with a healthy amount of duff here and there left over from last fall and winter.

This time of year is great when the trails allow you to experience the woods as things green up. The trees look like they have green fuzz on their branches, and the forest floors are just rife with new underbrush that doesn't look all crazy, and out of control yet.

Sure, there is mud along the lower trail, and yes, I got into it. Like a dang fool! That mud is super sticky! But beyond that, I had a great time and the trails were fast everywhere but on the lower section.

Besides that, my body was working surprisingly well.

The Big Mama was too. Man! That bike just sails over rough trail like it isn't even there. The Manitou and Fox rear damper are working well together and the front to rear balance is spot on.

The Pure V is stellar. Such a great saddle, and I will be getting some more of these. I can sit on the nose to climb comfortably, or slide back and power along the flats. It feels great on my posterior!

I still have to get some decent brakes on it, but this bike is pretty close right now to being perfect for my needs. I did mention swapping drive train parts, but that can wait. It's time to get some spring woods riding in!

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john said...

Mark - Good to hear that you are out and riding the bike. We went up to the Scout Camp yesterday and it is in prime shape. The weather and Paul Meyermann and the Camp guys have it race ready for the big event on the 7th - Sunday - a great day to take all mothers out to race or watch a race ...