Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday News And Views

Random Red Ball and Leaves
Lights; It's that time of year when night riding starts to become a necessity if you want to get some decent ride time in during the week.

Guess what? I don't have a decent light system.

I did get one once, plugged in the battery to charge the lights, and then never got around to using them, well.......because it was summer! So, bad me......I lost the light part. Yep! Got the battery, the charger, the helmet mount, but no stinkin' light head. (I know, I know........way to go Guitar Ted!) I've looked everywhere, but.......nuthin.

So, I am looking for a light system. Here's the thing though- I don't need two billion lumens that burn out in 3 hours. I want a light that will light up the gravel roads, and do okay on single track, and last more than 3 hours, not cost me an arm and a leg, and be easy to use. That's what I want. LED of course, although I hear now that "older eyes" see better with yellower light. hrrumpf! I may have made my fair share of trips around the sun, but I ain't claiming old just yet!

Pacenti TL28 Rim

Pacenti TL28 Rims: Got a news flash yesterday about Kirk Pacenti's newest rim design, the TL28. This one he's doing all on his own, but you might recall that Kirk also helped design the Velocity P-35 rims.

You can check out more about these here, but essentially these are aimed at the XC/Trail rider looking for a tubeless ready rim at a lightweight that isn't skinny. These are targeted to come out at about 438 gms each, (for the 29 inch hoops, 650B and 26"ers will also be available), so that's right in the ball park for lightweight aluminum XC rims. What I find interesting is the 28mm outer/ 23mm inner rim widths. This is a bit unprecedented for aluminum rims, and seems to be pushing the limits to my mind, but we'll see. The other nice thing is that these will be made with single eyelets, so for those looking for a lightweight 29"er rim with eyelets, this should fit your needs.

You'll need to add some Stan's yellow tape and a valve stem, but these should go tubeless just fine. (Assuming the bead seat diameter is pretty tight.)

I'm told these will be available in a bit more than a month through Kirk Pacenti's website, and should go for about $85.00 each.

Stupid Light
How Low Can You Go? Well, pretty dang low, that's how low. What am I talkin' about? Weight, that's what.

I got this Origin 8 Paladin in for testing, and it came all built up, but it was a rather questionable build.

Not that the parts were bad, or sketchy, or even negative, it's just that for a frame and fork like this...... Well, it just begs to be slathered in the lightest stuff. So, with that in mind, the Blunt laced to XT hubbed wheels with rampage tires came flying off, and the old Edge wheels with American Classic hubs I have went right on there. BAM! Three pounds less later, the bike was getting respectable. However; I could throw on some recently acquired Bontrager 29-1 tires at 530 grams each, and BAM! Now the bike weighs 19.1 pounds. Yes- as light as some road bikes.

And the funny thing? I could ditch the alloy seat post, the alloy handle bar, the heavy rubber grips, and the boat anchor brakes and probably lose two more pounds! And that's not even considering that the bike is kitted out with X-9 components in the drive train.

Now, that's all amazing to think about, but I am not going there. I've never had a sub-20lb mountain bike, so I'll need to get acquainted with that first. Then we'll see how I feel about something way below 20lbs.

Okay, that's it, I am out! I stayed up way too late watching some special on George Harrison, so I am whacked. Have a great weekend, and ride your bicycles!


Doug G said...

Did you possibly attach the light to one of your helmets. I did that last year and "lost" my light that way.

Dave said...

Yeah, Jesse Lalonde had a 16 lb Superfly SS at Chequamegon one year. Similar build as what you're talking about.

And as far as light? Here you go. I just solved your problem. :-)

Guitar Ted said...

@Doug Idaho: Nope.....actually, I had it in hand once, and since then, I haven't used it, nor been able to track it down.

Guitar Ted said...

@Dave: Nice light, but I didn't see a handle bar mount.

Scott Loveless said...

Here you go: or I bought one of these a couple years ago and it's held up fine under my significant girth. As best I can tell, the rim is really a rebadged Alex X2100. Because of the painted braking surface on the rim I don't think this wheel is a good solution for rim brakes, but it's just fine for discs. Get a Lumotec Lyt and you're set.

Rich said...

I like this one and use both a helmet and bike mounted light. I don't need the one on the bike, but it is nice when your off-road.

Use mine for a ride or three! Easier to decide that way.....

Exhausted_Auk said...

Don't know about the latest bike lights, but I can recommend a headlight to put on your helmet: Menards sells a really good Rayovac one for about $30. It includes a decent headlight with 3 brightness levels and flashing mode. Battery pack is at the back to balance the thing. There is even a red light on the back with steady and flashing modes. Runs on 3x AA batteries, and will easily last through a full night. I have used mine for commuting for the last 2 winters, plus a few long night rides. Great for pointing at the faces of oncoming drivers who don't dip their headlights!

Rob said...

G-Ted, et al: that like looks identical to my "magicshine", so its probably the same thing, just rebranded. The light head itself has a built in bar mount. The helmet mount simply mimics the shape of a bar and attaches to a helmet. I've been really happy so far with my magicshine, especially for less than $100

Really excited about the new Rims too! Wide, light, tubeless, nice!

CE said...

Looks the same as the Magicshine light. That said, you can see the concave cutout in the base. Combined with the elastic/rubber O-ring thingies, that's your handlebar mount.

Guitar Ted said...

@All: Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll look into all of it after I get off work....

bicycletorch said...

Just came back from doing some off-roading with my Supernova E3 Triple

mounted on my helmet. It worked pretty well except for super slow switchbacks. I think overall my Edelux

would work even better. That's right, generator helmet light. No batteries to worry about ever again. I will never look back.

Guitar Ted said...

@Scott Loveless, @ bicycletorch: That dynamo hub lighting idea will happen, but that's going on my gravel bike.

@Rich: I'll take you up on that.

@Exhausted Auk: I use a flashlight that I Velcro to my helmet with a Bykyle Simple Strap. I use that for a spot beam to see road signs and cast light way up the trail. The Rayovac unit you describe sounds nearly identical to the Eveready light I hacked into a bar mount light. Very "floody" and works okay as a gravel road light system.

RC said...

Let us know when you settle on your "best light for the job". I know I'm also wondering about all the latest/best realistic lights out there. Making the night brighter than day is not something I need to do. Thanks.

Joboo said...

A little late to the party here, but you might wanna check out
The TG15 has given me years of great use!!

Peace, Joboo