Saturday, May 12, 2012

3GR Report

This was the bike...
Dag-nabbit! I forgot my camera again! Well.....not that it was all that exciting. One other rider showed up, and wouldn't ya know it- another Trans Iowa V8 finisher shows up. Robert Fry and his Vaya. It made for an "all-Salsa Cycles" ride.

You'd never guess Mr. Fry had just done 300 plus brutal gravel miles about two weeks ago. He hammered me pretty good last night!

Not only that, but the wind was pretty strong out of the Northwest, making our heading out even tougher. By the way- for you folks that rode last week, the gravel was waaaaay smoother.

So even though it wasn't all that exciting, the ride was tough for me- at any rate. Just what I needed. A good kick in the junk!

Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational: Update- By the sounds of the comments from yesterday, Grinnell will be the base for operations for this years ride. This does a few things: It makes the place easy to find for out-of-towners, since it is right off Interstate 80. It has a killer sandwich/bar joint, a killer pizza place, and several other places for grub before/after the ride. It allows us the opportunity to hit some crazy minimum maintenance stuff, and we can look at a bit of the T.I.V8 course.

Sound good? Let me know in the comments....

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Ari said...

That sounds awesome to me. Now I have to start getting the house back to the midwest where we belong!