Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday News And Views

It has been a while since I've done a "News and Views" Friday post, so let's dig right in...

This Is The Reason Why: 

Still running tubes? Here is a reason why you need to stop doing that. I was riding home yesterday when I heard a "crunch-THWAK!....tic....tic....tic...." It was this pencil sized twig that was on a branch I ran over that punctured my Bontrager 29-4. Fortunately, I had sealant inside, and I was able to continue on home with no loss of air pressure.

Yeah....try that with a tubed tire. Not likely you'd make it five feet. So, instead of walking the rest of the way home, hoisting a useless titanium bike, I was able to ride home, then repair it at my leisure. (By the way, I pulled the twig out about an inch to get the image above.)

I'll probably patch this tire and re-use it tubeless again. Yay tubelessness!

Gravel Riding News:

I'll be doing another 3GR tonight from  Gateway Park at 5:30pm. Come on over and join in on some gravel road good times. Once a solid group of regulars forms, I'll introduce some new routes. UPDATE: Ride cancelled due to rain. Next week, same time, same place!

Obviously, with the big holiday weekend upon us, there will be lots of riding going on. I hope to put in a longer ride sometime this weekend in Tama County. I need to start getting some fitness for the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational coming up July 14th. That ride will be about 120 miles and there will be plenty of big hills in Poweshiek and Jasper Counties to prepare for.

Memorial Day Weekend: Okay, now for a bit of seriousness. This is the weekend we observe the honoring of our men and women that have served in the armed forces. Many of these people have made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives for this country to be what it is. I hope you all get out on a ride to think about that a little bit, and say "thanks" for being able to ride free. (Amongst all the other freedoms we enjoy)

To all who have served, and are serving- Thank You!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend and I hope the rides and good times are plentiful!

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Matt said...

How do you go about patching tubeless tires? Normal glue and patches? Superglue and old inner tubes? Special tubeless patches and glue?