Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Missed Ya, Old Friend!

I am trying to wade through the last bit of bike project stuff around heere, and there is one deal in particular, that if I get it done, it will be a minor miracle, but I did get this one up and running, and I am stoked that I did.

A week ago I showed you all this picture and I now have ridden it as well. The X-C-X tires are definitely light years better as tubeless tires. Unbelievably smooth. I should have done that a long time ago.

The big thing is how "in the bike" I feel on the Gryphon. Which, when I look at it, is amazing, since I have about two miles of exposed seat post! Still, that's how it feels to me. I miss those 180mm cranks for the faster gear set up for gravel grinding too. I have a 36T X 17T on it right there. That's a good gear for the gravel for me. I think this will be great if I can get out there without any ice/snow issues.

Those wheels have Flow rims, and even those don't flatten out the X-C-X tire's profile much. Sheesh! I think I could mount these on 30mm rims and be okay. I know the tires would feel more stable on gravel, that's for sure. However; maybe just having these tubeless will help solve that issue. I'll see.

But after yesterday's commute, I must say that the bar swap and tubeless X-C-X tires really have me stoked to be back on the Gryphon again.

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