Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Scenes

This has been a spectacular and unusually warm Fall so far this year. The temperatures have been so warm that the leaves are really not turning as fast here as they usually do. Only in the last week or so has much color popped, and then it hasn't been all that spectacular due to the warmer, dry weather we've had. Still, there are some good pockets of color to be found. You just have to keep your eyes open.

The light this year has been tinged with farm induced harvesting debris, and that diffuses light in  a weird, ethereal way that gives everything a strange glow. It's kind of neat to see but it wreaks havoc with a lot of folks breathing here. Sunsets have been rather spectacular as well due to this phenomenon.

I generally take time in mid-October to do my traditional Fall Colors ride in the Green Belt. I've been doing this for years, and every year is different, of course, but it still is amazing to get out and really take the time to look things over out there. Although this year doesn't rank up there with the best, and maybe I'm a week early, there still were some nice views. Here are some I wanted to share here. They come from my Dirt Home From Work ride Friday and my Fall Colors Ride Saturday.  Hope that you enjoy them!

A Buzzard In The Woods
These cement beams have been here a long time!
Paddlers on the Black Hawk Creek
The meadow view: I'm a little early this year and the colors are muted due to our weather. 
Mid-October and we still have some flowers. I'll take it!
A backwater pond higher up away from the Black Hawk Creek
The diffused light in the sky and the contrasts were tough to shoot in. This one came out okay though.
There still is a lot of green out there yet!

Hope that you enjoyed these. Get out there and enjoy the season and ride those bicycles!

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