Thursday, October 29, 2015

Project 1 X 1

It died......but it will rise again!
Announcing Project 1 X 1:

There are plans afoot and it is time to unleash my latest project bike on to the world of G-Ted Productions readers. (Admittedly, a small audience, but hey.... It is what it is!) So, anyway, here's what I can say about this deal now.

The old set up for the 1X1 was cool, but it wouldn't go a mile without eating tubes, and I tracked it down to the Mavic rims on the wheels I was using. Whatever I did to make it work backfired and I was left deflated again. (<=== HA!) Sorry! I couldn't resist that one!

Well, the solution is new wheels, of course, but not just any ol' wheels will do. These wheels need to be special in several ways. Here's a bullet point list for what I am looking for here:
  • Obviously, they should be 26 inch wheels and have rim brake capability. While folks often did shoe horn in other wheel diameters into these early 1X1's, it isn't an ideal situation. I'm sticking with the 26"ers for this old girl.
  • Wide rims- I wanted to get wider rims since the benefits of wide rims cannot be denied for mountain biking and even for urban commuting. Things the 1X1 should be capable of doing. 
  • Tubeless- This day and age, there is absolutely no reason not to have your wheels tubeless if you are running anything bigger than road racing tires. The rims and new tires need to be tubeless compatible. 
  • Meaty, multi-purpose tires- I don't really want to go with a tire that is mtb specific, but then again, this bike should be capable in dirt. It's usually hard packed around here, so I think a decent compromise tire exists. In fact, I have a special model in mind already! 
  • Hubs need to be single speed specific, maybe even fixed gear capable. I would like nutted axles for urban security and for the slight increase in rigidity they bring for wheel connections. 
  • Overall Strength- So, bottom line is strength here. I may use this bike as a hauler, a mountain bike, and I probably will be doing some bashing and thrashing on it. The wheels need to be tough, but not ridiculously heavy either. 
Now that's just the wheels! I have more in mind here, and I will unwrap this as we go, but the first and foremost component in this project will be the wheels. Stay tuned for more.....


Rob said...

Very cool. I am constantly tempted by the glut of used 26" parts to build up a 1x1 as a do-all urban bike.

Doug M. said...

Tires: possibly the new Surly ExtraTerrestrial? 26 x 2.5"

Rims: wide, rim brake, tubeless, and 26"... I'm stumped! But I'm interested to see what you find.

Guitar Ted said...

@Doug Mayer: Those are the tires I had in mind, but they may not be available just yet. I may go with a "place holder" in the meantime. Stay tuned on the rims......

jonathansmith68 said...

I don't know how easily these could be converted tubeless but these seem like they'd fit the bill for a fairly wide, rim-brake-compatible, durable 26" rim. Assuming you are O.K. with silver:

Neil E. Hodges said...

I have a Rocky Mountain Blizzard in need of the exact same rim setup.

The only 26" wheels I have now use Sun Rhyno Lite rims, which are obviously not designed for tubeless, but cover the width and rim brake needs of another bike.

teamdarb said...

You can definitely run them tubeless. I have been for some time.