Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trans Iowa v12: Registration Updates

Registration mode continues for Trans Iowa v12. This day is the day that the registration for Winners of past Trans Iowas and Finishers of past Trans Iowas can have their post cards show up. There are 12 spots for past winners in reserve and 30 for past finishers. (Note my "fuzzy math", but I also know that several of the past winners are never coming back, so it'll all work out. Still, I thought it would be nice to put out the invite anyway.) Any spots not claimed will roll down to the Vets class, but I've a feeling there will be few if any that do. We will see.

Rookie registration has one more week to go before the window for accepting post cards closes. So far we have 48 confirmed entrants into the lottery. At the pace I've been seeing cards come in, I am going to say that my preregistration prediction of 80 cards is going to not be met. I think if we see something in the 60-ish realm, that will be more realistic. So, if that pans out, the odds are good for many folks that sent in cards to make it in to T.I.v12. Again, the registration process for Rookies is twofold. The cards must be in by 10-24, and then the drawing will occur on 10-31, and the exact timing of that will be announced before the lottery occurs. I have Periscope on my iPhone, so I hope to do a live broadcast of the event, in case anyone wants to witness the madness.

Veterans of past Trans Iowas will have to wait until 10-24 to have their cards arrive, and that window will be open until the 40 spots are gone, or until 10-31, but I am betting that it will fill up before then. We will see.

Barring any weirdness, that should all go fairly smoothly, and Trans Iowa v12 will have its roster set. As far as anyone that does not make it in from the lottery, or in the mail ins for the other classes of riders, there will be no waiting list, and no transfers. I have tried various ways of doing the Waiting List in the past which have all been giant pains for me to handle or were fruitless endeavors. So, no waiting list, no transfers. It is easier for me to handle, and clear cut for you who are looking to get into this weird gravel road event.

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