Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trans Iowa v12: Finisher And Veteran Registration Announcement

Taking a look back to move forward
 Registration For Finishers & Veterans For Trans Iowa v12:

First of all, I want to thank Kevin Doggett up front for selflessly providing me with a spreadsheet and detailed statistics on Trans Iowa over its first ten years. Much of what I am about to put forth here is based directly off of his work. Thanks Kevin!!

Okay, as you may all know, I radically changed up how the process for registration is being undertaken for Rookies. They are still sending in cards for the upcoming lottery drawing, which will occur on Halloween Night this year. Kind of a "trick-or-treat special! Well, anyway, I have been looking really hard at Kevin's numbers he has provided and thinking ahead about what may occur in the upcoming registration for the final 80 spots left in Trans Iowa v12's roster.

Since last Spring saw no one finish, the numbers are easily added to what Kevin has provided me with here. So, here is what I am looking at from a registration point of view as far as potential registering riders is concerned.
  • There are 116 individual past finishers of Trans Iowa. (Several with multiple finishes)
  • Adding in the last Trans Iowa's starting Rookie class, there are now 361 vets of past Trans Iowas. 
  • All of these, minus a couple individuals that have died, are potential registering riders. Some will never take that spot, (they have no further interest in Trans Iowa), but I have no way of knowing how many that number may be. 
  • I have 80 spots on offer. 
No one finished Trans Iowa v11: Image by Wally Kilburg
Obviously, as the years go on, it will become apparent and necessary that I also implement the lottery drawing for spots for the Vet Class. (That is, if I decide to carry on with more Trans Iowas.) The potential number of registering riders with an intention to enter a Trans Iowa will eventually become far more than 40. It already is a bit over that. Even the Finishers took almost all their spots last year for T.I.v11.

That all said, I am going to run the registration again as I did last year at least for this Trans Iowa. I feel this may be a watershed year for Trans Iowa. With 27 Rookies from last Spring not getting their full chance at getting to checkpoint #1, I feel there is a huge potential for most of them to want to take a spot for this year. That coupled with the vast pool of Veteran Class riders and I think I may see an over flow of potential riders that may be more than a few. For the record, I have not ever had more than a couple riders miss out getting on the roster in the Vet Class and I don't think I've ever had an overage of Finishers try to get in. So, this is why I am running it like last year.

I just wanted to point out that there may be a few that don't get a spot this time, and how I may have to change things up, and why that is. Of course, all of that predicated on whether or not I actually continue to do this event. So, with all of that out of the way......

 12 Winners, as detailed in this post, have guaranteed spots in Trans Iowa V12 if they send in their cards in time. Post cards must not arrive BEFORE OCTOBER 17th and MUST BE IN BY OCTOBER 24th!! Anyone of the following twelve will get in to Trans Iowa V12 by sending in a post card. The post card must have the following on it written legibly or it will not be accepted:

  • Name
  • Class (Open Mens, Open Womens, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • A current e-mail which you can be reached at.
Post cards must be addressed and sent to:

 Europa Cycle & Ski
c/o Trans Iowa V12
4302 University Avenue
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Here's the list of the twelve, just in case anyone missed this:

 Ira Ryan- T.I.V1, T.I.V3
Lindsay Gauld- T.I.V2*
John Gorilla- T.I.V4*
Joe Meiser- T.I.V5, T.I.V6*
Dennis Grelk- T.I.V7
Eric Brunt- T.I.V8
Rich Wince- T.I.V9
Greg Gleason- T.I.V10, T.I.V11*
Janna Vavre- T.I.V7
Monika Sattler- T.I.V9
Agytha Gryglak, Sara Cooper (tied)-T.I.V10

* Denoting the person that made it the furthest that year on course during a T.I. with no finishers, or was declared the winner in a truncated version of Trans Iowa.


30 spots for Finishers will also be up for grabs by post card entry starting October 17th. Again- DON"T SEND ENTRIES SOONER!! They will not be accepted. Don't try sneaking in if you are not a Finisher either. I have records, ya know! Get those post cards in by October 24th! Later than that and you won't be in T.I.v12. Your post card should have the same info and be sent to the same address as above for the Winners. NOTE- If the 30 spots are gone before the 24th, that's it. If they don't get used up, the left overs will be passed on to the Vets. Post cards must have the same details as the Vets must have outlined below....


The Vets will be vying for a total of 40 slots. The window of opportunity to get in is going to be from October 24th till October 31st. Do not send your card in before this! The following items must be on your post card in a legible fashion or you will not be in T.I.V12. Legibility is judged by Guitar Ted and my decisions are final. Don't fail because of poor penmanship! Here is what you'll need to include.

  • Name  
  • Class: (Open Mens, Open Womens, Single Speed/Fixed)
  • Current e-mail where you can be reached.
  • What Trans Iowa(s) You Rode In.

If spots are unclaimed from either the Winners, Finishers, or Vets Class, they will be passed down accordingly. If after this there are still open spots, (unlikely), then they will be added to the Rookie's Class drawing which will occur the day registration closes for the Vet Class.

Any questions? Hit me up at, or leave a comment here.NOTE: I answer a few common questions in THIS POST. Click to read.


Unknown said...

Just to be clear, rookies need to have a postcard received prior to Oct. 24 to be considered for the lottery?

Guitar Ted said...

@Zach Bonzer: By that day, (whenever the mail comes, to be exact), on the 24th.