Saturday, October 24, 2015

T.I.v12: Update And Comments

Today is the day I expect to get in a bunch of Veteran registration cards for T.I.v12. How many will come in? I don't know, but if Facebook is any indication, I expect to see quite a pile right off the mark.

There may be quite a pile regardless since it is also the last day the window is open for Rookies and the Winners/Finishers of Trans Iowa registration also ends today. I should have a fair amount of work to do after the morning deliveries occur. Expect to see roster updates later on in the afternoon today. I may take a bicycle ride before posting while the Sun is up.

Rookie registration numbers will likely top out at over 70. I expected about 80. Earlier it looked like it may fall short of 70. Closer to what I expected then. Interesting..... Finishers/Winners were at 25 yesterday- about what I had expected there. I bet we will add 10 spots, at the least, to the Vet pool of 40. I also bet those 10 extra spots will go up in smoke rather quickly. This has been about what I expected across the board, so no real surprises with regard to registration for this Trans Iowa.

I also was not at all surprised that some potential Rookie entrants didn't get the registration details down and this resulted in bad post cards. Some missed the prescribed info beyond their own name. Some got it right up to their e-mail, then omitted the rest. Some got their emergency contact person's name, but failed to give a way to contact them. Some got all that right, and either omitted the specified rule I wanted transcribed, or fouled up the transcription. Then there were those that got all of that, but I could not read it. Finally, one person got it all right, had it very legible, but their e-mail address was wrong. It pinged back. Bzzzt! No go.

I had some second opinions on some of these entries as well, so it wasn't just summarily tossed away. These entries, all of them, were carefully scrutinized. Even the ones that passed muster were carefully considered. I will tell you that about a half dozen were borderline no good, but I passed them anyway.

Do not ask me if I received your card and failed it and why. I won't answer you. It doesn't matter at this point. Obviously, there was something you missed. If there is another Trans Iowa then....... you can try again. 

The way I see this is that the rules are super simple. It isn't tricky at all. I plainly spell it out, link to it, and make it abundantly clear. 70 plus people got it right. I don't think I am being too harsh here.

By the way, the lottery drawing will be on Periscope and accessible via Twitter by following my account: @guitarted1961.

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