Sunday, October 25, 2015

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sometimes beauty pokes you in the eye here......
I was out riding on Saturday and while I was alone, I had plenty of time to think about all kinds of stuff. Music, family, Trans Iowa, and then it crossed my mind, again, that this was a beautiful place to be.


See, this is what I think about living here and the beauty of this place. First of all- it isn't easy. Not like it is, say,  in places like Colorado, up in the Rockies. You pretty much have beauty punching you in the face. I mean, you'd have to be a pretty dead person not to feel it there, it is so obvious. Kind of like swimming in a pool of wine, you can't help but get drunk. This isn't so much the case here in Iowa, I think.

I was thinking on my ride that Iowa's beauty isn't like a pool of wine that makes it easy to get drunk. It is more like a sippin' whiskey. You can't toss it back, or you will hate it. It isn't obvious immediately how to even take it in. But once you get it, you take a small sip, let it linger on the palette, and then swallow. Iowa's beauty is like this, in my estimation. You have to know how to take it in, and when you find it, you let it settle in. Slowly. It isn't plainly obvious, and not just anyone will find it, but when you do, it is worth it.

Then again maybe I shouldn't think so much when I ride.......


LvilleTex said...

Man, GT, I usually visit for tech talk, but this post is so good. We can't all be the Rockies or Pacific Coast, but we are where we nest. You nailed it.

Tim S
Proudly in the Bluegrass KY

Doug M. said...

Beautifully written. I have similar thoughts and feelings riding here in Central NY. Not everyone will find it as lovely as I do, but it's quite special to me. I live not too far from where my grandparents retired and we used to visit as kids. In the summers especially, every ride or drive out into the country feels like being on vacation.