Monday, October 12, 2015

Musta Been A Bad Time

Utility "townie" rig- An old Schwinn High Sierra re-purposed
Have you ever had one of those days where, (mostly) you'd just as well had skipped over, asked for a "do-over", or would like to have end as quickly as possible? Yeah.......Sunday was that day for me. 

It was one of those days marked by things going wrong, being embarrassed, frustrated, saddened, and ultimately it was just a really craptastic day. Oh sure......there were good things, and I tried to grasp on to those things and not dwell on the bad stuff.

Anyway, I'll not get too personal here, but I will say that a planned long gravel ride on arguably the last hot day we will have this year was sabotaged starting on Saturday night and with the way Sunday went, it was deep sixed by noon. Oh well, there will be other days, but I was bummed none the less.

I did get out on an errand on my mid-80's Schwinn High Sierra "townie" bike which brightened my day a bit. I am always amazed at how comfortable that bike is for cruising to the store. I have it set up 1X5 with a friction shifter so it is really quite reliable as well. Funny how it doesn't matter how "cool" your bike is, just so you get out and ride it.

It was the medicine I needed on a down day.

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