Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trans Iowa v12: Filling Up!

After noon today we will have all the Veteran spots filled for T.I.v12. As of yesterday, there were five spots for that class left available. Obviously, with handfuls of cards on Saturday and Monday, the class will fill out easily today. There will be a pile of broken dreams for T.I.v12.

So, this went as I expected. I figured lots of T.I.v11 rookies would want to get back for their second, and hopefully meaningful, chance at a Trans Iowa. I did notice a fair amount of cards bearing a single, T.I.v11 as the prerequisite T.I. attempt for their Vet qualification. I also noticed a lot of familiar names coming in. Trans Iowa "family" members. Many having multiple T.I. attempts under their belts. This is rather humbling and I want to say a "thank you" for being so dedicated to this gravel road cycling event. This was not something I ever envisioned or had any inkling about when I did T.I.v1. It is just amazing to me, and I am very grateful for the friends I have made since that humble beginning.

The other thing Trans Iowa has done is that it has created a "reason" to be active for those who have taken to it as they have. Riding in terrible, wet, cold, windy, or snowy conditions, just to get those miles in. It's rather amazing to me that this event has created this sort of reaction. Of course, you would need to train for a triple century, and that's obvious, but to the extent that the ride motivates folks, well, that is the difference. Trans Iowa has people doing big miles right now. The plans are being laid for Winter slogs already. Maybe that isn't impressive?

Okay, well how about those that come to me at the Pre-Race Meat-Up, or send me private e-mails, or come talk to me quietly at events I attend to say "thank you", to shake my hand, and express to me that without Trans Iowa, they wouldn't be where they are at in terms of fitness or mental toughness.

I am reminded of this every time I run registration. The posts on Facebook, and the e-mails, the notes on the post cards. I see and hear most of this. I really, truly am humbled and appreciative. I only wish I was as half as worthy of your thanks as you think I am. Really- the honor belongs to you folks- the riders. You folks are amazing.

Anyway, with today's mail, all we have to do is eliminate 33 names from that Rookie pool to carve out the 120 folks that will be aiming high for a finish at Trans Iowa v12. Look for a specific announcement on a time for that drawing very soon on the Trans Iowa site. This will be broadcast live on Periscope which you can see by following me on that ap, or by checking with my Twitter account which is @guitarted1961.

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john said...

Your comments today reminds me of how much The RAGU has done for riding and racing racers in Iowa. It is nice to have celebrations and goals in in our lives.