Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday News And Views

Based upon Gary Cale's T.I.v4 entrance card
This Could Be A Thing:
Trans Iowa has been something that has ended up becoming a lot more than a gravel road race for many of us. Some folks are actually prompted to get creative with the event, which most generally involves the traditional post card entry, but it is not limited to that. The pictured artwork today is based upon just such an example. This was based mostly on a post card sent in for T.I.v4 by Gary Cale.

With Mr. Cale's blessing, I have been allowed to make use of this artwork for a project. In the years since T.I.v5, t-shirts celebrating the event have been produced. Not for every year, but for many of those years, I have seen or I have in my possession t-shirts depicting different T.I. headers or whatnot. In fact, I am pretty sure Mr. Cale sent me a rendition of this image, which I'll have to dig around for.

Earlier this Fall I posted the card Mr. Cale sent in on Facebook and it got a pretty big response.  So, I figured it might prove to be a popular t-shirt with the riders. This image is the plan, as of now, for the t-shirt that every Trans Iowa v13 rider will get that shows up in April. You won't be able to buy these. It will be a gift from Trans Iowa to everyone that manages to toe the line.

Maybe that will motivate y'all to train and make it to Grinnell in April?

Anyway, it is something fun and a good limited edition treasure that will tell the world at large you are a true gravel grinding nutcase. I mean that in the best possible way. Really.

Now, this could change. If I notice a big, negative reaction, I can always go with the header icon from the site. But y'all will have to let me know what ya think. Good? Not good? Indifferent? Hit me with a comment.

Stay tuned for more soon........

Grippy. Shifty. 11 speedy.
Upgrade For The Kid:

I've been slowly dealing with an upgrade for my son's fat bike. I was trying him out on a 2X 10 set up, but this whole front derailleur thing just throws his brain a curve ball. He gets the rear shifter just fine, but he has never really gotten the idea through his head that there is a granny gear and that it can make hills easier. So, why beat a dead horse? There are other ways to get him something that rewards him more than the 2X set up he has now.

So, I've had this XD Driver'ed rear wheel that I just got a GX cassette for, but I need a grip shift style shifter, because that is what the young man prefers. So I hopped online to do some investigative Grip Shifter research. What I found was a bit surprising.

I was under the impression that actual twisty shifterage for 11 speed SRAM cassettes was going to be ultra expensive. I found out that now you can get NX level Grip Shift and so that's the next big purchase for the son's fat bike.

It's all in the name.......well, that and TRACTION ACTION!

That Name:

I need a better rear tire for the Ti Mukluk and I have it narrowed down to two choices. The Bontrager Barbegazi or the Terrene Tires Wazia. As of right now, I think the Wazia looks more like what I am looking for. 

What gives with these weird names though? Barbegazi? Wazia? I know that they both have backgrounds that sorta make sense, but.....really? 


It sounds like the exhaust note of a two stroke motorcycle engine at full song to me.  Anyway, besides the odd sounding name, the Wazia looks a bit more friendly from the commuting angle and it looks to have a ton of traction, which would be handy on my varied surface commute in Winter. 

Whatever I choose, I'd better get it done soon. The weather is definitely changing. Winter is making its presence known!  

That's all for this week. get out and ride if you can!


Andy Czechanski said...

I love that pic for a t-shirt.

Ari said...

1) That would make a great t-shirt. That graphic on black would look awesome.
2) SRAM has so much stuff it is great to find parts at reasonable prices
3) I think Tim has done an amazing job with all his products. I would like to try the Elwood's

Guitar Ted said...

@Andy Czechanski @Ari- Thanks. The feedback has been mostly positive, so plans are to proceed with this as the design.

Ryan Hoyt said...

I will be training, and will be honored to receive and wear that shirt!