Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pink MCD Update: Wolf Tooth Head Set

The purple Wolf Tooth head set is in my grasp now waiting for the Pink MCD
The parts are coming in now and soon the frame and fork will also be arriving. It's gonna be a scene when it gets here! The latest bit to hit my grimy paws is a Wolf Tooth 1 1/8th purple head set.

My image here of it makes it look more magenta-ish, but indoors it looks more grape-ish. It has a very deep, rich color to it which should play well off the pink of the frame. I'm pleased with it. The Wolf Tooth head set I tested for is a fine example of what I can expect here as it has been flawless so far.

Purple against the pink is the color splash I have chosen and I thought there should be another bit of purple somewhere on the bike. I had considered Paul Components Klamper brakes in the "special limited edition" purple, but there are two reasons those are out. One- they are not going to be shipping the purple stuff they get orders for now until August sometime, which is too late for my plans. Second, and more importantly, they are just too expensive for me. Wait........there is a third reason. I have perfectly good TRP Spyre brakes calipers just sitting down in the Lab. Case closed!

But I still wanted something else purple, and I finally figured it out. A CroMag purple seat collar to replace the stock BMC one that is black. That's on its way now. I think those two splashes of color will do it. I was looking for a purple outboard bearing bottom bracket that wasn't "Chris King" expensive and there wasn't anything out there better than the $75.00 MSRP Wheels Manufacturing angular contact bearing bottom bracket, which is made in the USA. The cups are anodized gray. Meh! Whatever. They will be covered in dust soon enough anyway and I wanted to test their bottom brackets for my own satisfaction. So, that is also on the way.

So, beyond cable housings, cables, crimp ons, and maybe some other small details, I will have everything here to build the Pink MCD. I need to get a cassette, probably. But that won't be hard to find. I can probably pick up something that will work from the shop. So, barring any weird delays in getting the frame and fork, I should be good to go and a new rig should be under me for Gravel Worlds, if not before.

Stay tuned.......

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