Monday, July 02, 2018

I Was Naughty

My riding partner Saturday, Joe. (I know- you aren't supposed to take images looking at the Sun)
There was banter about a ride of 75 miles that was to happen on Saturday. I wasn't the planner, so the 8:00am start kind of made me pause, since doing that much mileage would mean I'd be gone most of the day. I needed to be home in the afternoon. A ride starting at 8:00am and even half that length would take too much time. Especially on a group ride with a planned stop and "no-drop" policy. Then the weather forecast came out!

I wasn't up for getting dehydrated and roasted in 100°F-plus "real feel" temperatures. The humidity was ridiculous too on Saturday. Above 70%. Plus, there was a 20mph Southerly wind forecast. Yeah......not gonna do it. 

My co-worker, Joe, was also considering this ride so we had a conversation and on Friday we made plans for a 40 mile ride. We decided starting at 6:00am, to avoid the really bad heat, would be best. I suggested the old 3GR course, and so it was set up. Joe and I would leave early Saturday morning for a casual gravel ride.

Headed North, it didn't feel too awful just yet.......
We left a little after 6:00am, headed out onto the gravel, and about two or three miles into it I realized I wasn't wearing my helmet! My already sweat soaked cycling cap wasn't letting wind through, so I felt like I had a helmet on, but I eventually realized I didn't. Joe just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I just kinda figured that you thought it was too hot for a helmet, so whatever...". And we weren't about to turn back.

I know, I was naughty! 

So, anyway, I was conversing with Joe and showing him all the landmarks he'd never seen. The "Big Rock", a rural church, the Bennington School House, and eventually Ivanhoe Road. That was when the hills kicked in.

A field of Sunflowers.
We were enjoying the natural sights too. Flora and fauna. Many flowers, butterflies, birds of several colors, and a deer and her fawn. We passed the dairy farm on Ivanhoe Road, (rare to see these anymore in Iowa), and passed under the old trestle bridge which carries a recreational bike trail now.

The hills were kicking my butt in that heat. I was finding certain times where I wasn't doing well, then inexplicably I would find my legs and be okay. It was probably into the 80's by this point in the ride and we were coming around to the headwind section of our loop. I actually embraced the wind, as it cooled us down really nicely at this point in the morning. 

Joe dusting me on another climb while riding his Santa Cruz Blur 29"er
The ride was fun from the standpoint of being able to share what I love about this area with a new-to-the-route rider. Things I kind of lost a shine for were now again somewhat exciting to talk about. That part was fun.

The "not so fun part" was getting roasted anyway. By the time we were closing out our near 40 miles I was feeling the beginnings of a headache and my legs were dead. No snap. Just spinning now. Yep....I've felt this coming on before. Heat induced fail. Fortunately we were finished before I went into a fetal position in the ditch out there somewhere!

I said to Joe that, although I didn't feel too sweaty while riding, I was betting I'd instantaneously soak out my gear when we stopped. That pretty much came true. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was being in a zombie-like state for most of the rest of the day. I was hydrated, for sure. I had to stop for a nature break 3/4's of the way into the ride, but I think I needed to have eaten something. When it gets hot like that, I just don't feel hungry. But boy! Was I hungry later in the morning!

Well, obviously, I survived this. All despite not wearing a helmet too. Not that I am particularly proud of that fact or anything, but I will tell you, I certainly didn't miss that brain bucket on that hot, humid day either!


Phillip Cowan said...

Some days that helmet thing just ain't gonna happen.

Ari said...

Good thing the helmet police wasn’t out there waiting for you!

Tyler Loewens said...

I thought that looked like a Blur! How does he like it?

Guitar Ted said...

@Tyler Loewens- He loves it. Just used it to finish the Lutsen 99'er a week ago.

blooddoc23 said...

I've noticed when I ride to hard or long in the heat, I don't feel very good for 2 or 3 days. And there is a complete want of power if I try to ride during those days. Takes a while to get acclimatized to riding in the heat to be sure!

Unknown said...

My plan was to ride some hills today but by the time I left the house it was 86. I'm uber Minnesotan so it drained my energy and I struggled and cut my ride in half.

I'm looking forward to fall.