Monday, June 17, 2019

Ready Or Not

This coming weekend I am signed up to do this century on gravel starting in the little village of Malcom, Nebraska. It's called the "Solstice 100" and, as you may recall if you are a regular reader here, that was the event I was supposed to have gone to last year when my truck's gas tank fell out. That made it so I had to miss the inaugural event, but this year, hopefully, nothing of the sort will prevent me from at least getting there.

Once I get there, and at the starting line, who knows how it will all go. 100 miles in one go will be about three times the length of my longest ride this year. Well......maybe I've done 40 once or twice. Whatever. It is what it is. All I'm going to say is that this year has not been the year for long rides and weather has thrown a wrench in the works more times than I can count.

The bike, at least, will be dialed in. I'm going to be taking the Black Mountain Cycles MCD with me and it is all set to roll. I was thinking I may have to swap out wheels on that bike, but now I don't even have to do that. The Spinergy GX wheels I just reviewed on normally would have to go back, but Spinergy has allowed me a bit longer time with them. That was extra nice of them since now I don't have to peel off the WTB Resolutes I mounted up on those wheels and stick them on my Irwin wheels. The last thing I want to do is swap out tires a week ahead of an event. In fact, you shouldn't change anything a week ahead of an event. Although I've certainly been guilty of that before.

I made one significant change recently.
I did swap out the saddle though. I had been running a Brooks C-17 on it, then I swapped out to try the Tioga Undercover saddle. That turned out to be just too narrow for my posterior. So, I went to the "tried and true' choice, a WTB Pure saddle. My ride last weekend pretty much settled the debate on saddle choice. The Pure is still the one for me. I like those Brooks saddles as well, but the Pure just does not have any nits to it that I can find. It just plain works. The C-17's can be a bit ouchy sometimes because on long rides that shape chafes me at times. But it is good and I'll continue to use them.

 I probably will add another Bike Bag Dude Chaff Bag to the mix, but otherwise, this is the rig. Oh....I may rig up a cue sheet holder. The Solstice has GPS or cue sheet navigation, but since my GPS doesn't do turn by turn, (or- more likely- I cannot figure out how to get it to do turn by turn), so I'll be using good ol' cue sheets, I guess.

So, a bit of light riding the rest of the week and Friday I'll be heading down to see MG and do the Solstice. (No.....I won't forget my shoes)

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Rydn9ers said...

We rode both routes (50 and 100) this weekend, roads are in pretty good shape. Bringing your climbing legs and we will see you Saturday.