Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got Gravel?

Calling All Gravel Grinder Organizers: Hey ya'all! I have been getting great responses from my endeavor over at Gravel Grinder News. I've heard from many of you out there that you look to GGN for upcoming events. I've also heard from some promoters that after their events appeared on GGN, the hits on their sites went nuts and in one case, it caused the promoters to expand the roster limits!

That is really awesome news to my ears, because I wanted GGN to be something that spread the news of gravel grinding all across the nation. I wanted to make it something that would help folks out, and I think I can say that in the short time it's been around, GGN has succeeded in doing just that. The feedback I'm getting proves it.

The thing is, it is a "one man band" over there at GGN, and I can not canvass the entire internet and dig up these events to post on the site like I would like to. I need your help out there. I do this for free. It takes time, but I think the time and effort are worth it, especially if it stokes peoples fires to ride gravel like it has. So, won't you consider helping out? If you know a 2011 date, or about a late 2010 event, shoot me an e-mail and let me know where to look, if nothing else. 

If gravel grinding is cool, and you want to see it grow, like I do, let's keep GGN fresh for those looking for events and help promoters out that need to get the word out. Many of the events I list are free, and Gravel Grinder News is becoming a go-to site for these events to be found, not to mention all the higher profile events like DK 200, Trans Iowa, and others. Consider making GGN a better place and contribute info, pics, racing stories, or more.

And I also want to thank all of you that check out GGN and use it. To those that contribute to it, my special thanks! 

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