Sunday, July 22, 2012

3GR Report

Joe and Mike discuss Leadville 100 strategy
3GR Report: Saturday, July 21st: 

So this week, one removed from the GTDRI, I decided to ride a single speed on the 3GR. Then I decided to ride from the house, which tacks on an extra 14 miles or so to the ride for me. Finally- I gave myself a half an hour to get to the 3GR meet up spot on time.

Wonder of wonders, I made it there with a minute or two to spare! I saw Mike there on his Vaya, and since it did not appear anyone else was going to show up, we took off. About a half a mile up the bike path, I heard Mike speaking to someone that had come up from behind us, and by the tone of his voice, it was apparent that it was someone he recognized. Turns out it was a guy named Joe and he decided to join us in the ride.

Joe is going to Leadville soon to race the LT-100 and since Mike has done the event, he and Joe entered into a conversation about strategy for the event. While that was going on, I noticed how brown, stunted, and shriveled our local cornfields are. Nothing at all like last week, where around Grinnell everything was tall, lush, and vibrant green in color. It really is sad to see the fields around the Janesville area especially.

It looks like a black hole! Dead ahead!
The sky for the ride was increasingly overcast and the temperatures were in the high 70's to low 80's for the ride. Quite comfortable compared to recent days, actually. The clouds were thickening the entire ride, but it never did rain on us, which was a bit surprising to me.

Pace for the ride was kept pretty high. We never did slow down much and I think we were holding one of the fastest 3GR's yet. I felt pretty good during the ride, despite being the only one on a single speed.

Joe took leave of us near the end, and Mike and I rolled in to Cedar Falls the way we started out- a twosome. Mike and I then took our bikes to Cup Of Joe's and had some beverages and a small bite to eat sitting outside along the street.

Finally, I had to hit the trail back home. I made good time and when I got back, I felt pretty whooped. In fact, I was pretty much good for nothing the rest of the day! Must not be quite 100% after last weekend's ride, but I suppose the single speed had a bit to do with it as well!

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Tom Scott said...

You must have been the gents I met on the gravel just a mile east of Janesville on Saturday Morning. I was heading to C Falls to meet my wife at the Art Festival. I'll need to check my calendar for next week. Happy riding!

Tom Scott