Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Plans To Go

There is a plan being worked through that involves the solving of the creak I detailed yesterday. I have had this thought for a plan for a long time, and now I am making way for it to happen.

I am going to use the titanium Mukluk with the 29"er wheel set as you see it here. I do have to order a couple of components yet to make all of this a "go", but that part order will go in this week. Once I receive and install the parts, I will be putting these oft too often put off plans into "go" mode.

Mistakes will surely be made. In fact, I anticipate that there will be perhaps many of them, but for too long I have put this off because I didn't have something, or was afraid I'd mess the deal up. If I keep the past pattern of thought going, I'll likely never get around to doing what it is I wanted to do.

Stay tuned....

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