Sunday, May 29, 2016

Country Views: Part 1

I guess the views I have posted in my "Spring In The Country" posts struck a nerve with a few of you. So, instead of limiting the idea to Spring, I just decided that calling it "Country Views" was maybe a bit more appropriate. So, with that, here we go with the first in the series.....

The grass is getting really tall out there now! My Standard Rando just about disappears here. 
Old power line posts all used to have these ID tags. The cement post usually meant that it marked a survey point on a farm.
The "big rock" of Big Rock Road. 
And a pile of "little" rocks to go with that. 
Orderly lines of emerging crops bordering a chaotic water drainage. 
A small smattering of flowers. The ditches are full of wild roses and other colors right now. I'll have to go out and track down some more images of those.

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youcancallmeAl said...

views of your fellow riders and their bikes are always fun too!