Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Looking Ahead

Checking out the Gryphon and clearing the head
So, it is time to move on and start looking at some other stuff coming up on the horizon. Yesterday I mentioned the next Geezer Ride, which is free, by the way. I think I forgot to mention that part. Anyway, in regard to that, I needed to pick out a bicycle for the ride, so I was thinking about going single speed again, like I did for the last one. Only this time, maybe without having a flat tire!

So, I grabbed the Singular Gryphon and put a little extra sealant in the tires, spruced it up a bit, and rode it into work and back yesterday to see how it was. I took the long way home, and I noticed that the computer on there seemed, well........off. Maybe I am that slow though. Hmm..... Seemed like I was outrunning a couple of geared cyclists I came across though, so I don't know. Maybe we're all slow! I'll have to do a roll out and recalibrate, just for good measure.

But beyond that, I forgot how odd 180mm cranks feel. My Pofahl single speed has that length on it as well, which was the bike I rode in the last Geezer Ride. I forget how long the stroke feels at first. It is a sensation that you get used to pretty quickly, at least I do, but after being off that long of a crank arm for so long, it felt really odd yesterday morning. By my afternoon ride though, I couldn't really feel that longer stroke. I did notice my cadence went down a bit though. Gotta work on spinning that bigger circle a bit better.

And this ol' girl is going back to Odin's Revenge
Odin's Revenge is also coming up next month, so I thought a bit about which rig I would take over there. I've had the Gen I Fargo at that event before and I have done okay with it. The 'mud-fest" year was the last time I rode it there and at the time, I had a test post from Cirrus Cycles on it. It was a Body Float post, and it worked really well at Odin's. So, I took off the Body Float which was on the Ti Muk all Winter and I popped it over to the Gen I Fargo. I went for a quick ride, and it felt perfect, just like it did back two years ago.

I think that test/review post was a carbon fiber shafted one, but this one I bought is a titanium shafted one, which will also have a bit of give with as much extension as it has. I think this and the Luxy Bar, with better gearing than the bike had last time out there, will be a great choice for Odin's rough, long course. I probably won't run the frame bag out there. No need to carry anything but water and food at that event, typically. Water is super important, and the old Fargo can pack on lots of water. Six bottles and that's not including any I might put in a Chaff Bag or a jersey pocket. No need for a top tube bag mounted water bladder/hose arrangement, although that might prove easier to use and which may make me drink more often.

The Body Float post is really nice.
The Body Float post should help to keep me fresh and do that odd little thing it does to keep that rear wheel digging when the climbs are bumpy or if the ground gets greasy from moisture. I hope to do some long ride testing with this set up before the event, so I'll have time to dial things in.

I decided against the Fat Fargo because Odin's is a long, hot, tough event, and those wheels are heavier than these XC oriented ones which have done well out at Odin's before. I think the Fat Fargo wheels did me well in the loose, powdery dust out there, but slogging up climbs was harder than it needed to be. The Gen I Fargo wheels should prove to be much better for the hills out there. Deep dust, well that should work out okay, and with a promised different course, who knows what we will get out there.

Oh......and I am working on a special build. This new rig isn't even for me! I am acquiring the bits and pieces for this rig now, and I should have something to show here in a bit if the parts show up as promised. So, stay tuned to see what that might be.

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